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Awesome abandoned russian cannons Answered

Abandoned Russian coastline defenses
I'd love to go exploring one of those places (not so urban exploration)


Dang, looks like someone took a hacksaw to the first 2 cannons..... LOL... sawed-off cannon....

haha! These things are probably worth thousands just for scrap steel.

Oh, wow...that third photo looks exactly like star wars Jedi knights...1 or 2, i forget, but like the fortress thingy on Dantooine...haha, WOW that sounds geek-ish...

so are those 'covers' of some sort to keep rain (or birds) out of the barrels?

Look, theres still a hole on the top. Weird

Copl. I've never seen anything like that, I wouldn't look at one and say canon.


9 years ago


I looked at the second one, and immediately thought of that scene in the first Alien film - where that dead alien is grafted to the mystery device.