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Awesome box of junk idea Answered

who would be interested in starting one of these?
box of junk
how many people here live in the united states ?
if you are interested pm me and if I have enough people I will start it off :P



10 years ago

Heh - you beat me to it! Doesn't need to be exclusively electronics, of course. But small and light would be good, for shipping purposes.

electronics fit that category well.

Sure, but I'd like it to be a bit more inclusive. Throw in some gears, maybe a couple of old watches, some lenses, a diffraction grating, etc. Heck, add some knex pieces while we're at it! :-D

I saw this on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, sounds like a great idea.

Ooooh! Oooooh!

I'll take the box! Gladly! Then I'll pass it on! I love boxes of electronics junk! I can contribute junk, and I would donate some of my own!

do you know someone to pass it to ?

Yeah, I'll pass it on to GorillazMiko if he'll give me his address.

ok ask him to find some one too. ~matt

yea I am signed up for it. but thanks for the info. ~matt

I am still pondering the purpose, unless it is to collect (acquire) names and addresses ?

>I am still pondering the purpose Then you obviously aren't a good choice for someone to send the box to.

I suppose. I have a shoe box full of old capacitors.....about 12 of them fit in the box....and it is full :-)

no Im not that mean if I wanted to do that I would just open a phone book :P

You won't find mine in a phone book, even if you knew my full name :-p

and it takes just one person to take all of it

well you could make it so people only know the next address .


Reply 10 years ago

thats not what you meant was it ? well you could have it so when you get the box you have to post a forum topic with pictures of what you took out and what you put in. (or we could make it so only people who have been hear a certain time could receive the package)


10 years ago

Seems inefficient to me. We ought to be able to implement a VIRTUAL BOX OF JUNK that would involve only shipping around the pieces people were interested in trading.

that would defeat the whole "I cant wait to see whats inside" fun :) but other than that it would be cool too.