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Unlucky/ Extremely Lucky Bunny Answered

I was outside reading by the fireplace when I heard a strange noise. I looked up and noted the noise was coming from Mazee's direction. It was a loud SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK. I assumed it was her favorite squeaker toy. After about a minute, I saw a fully grown bunny sprint out of the trees next to Mazee. I laughed because Mazee loves to chase bunnies, and it looked like the bunny was taunting her. Mazee came trotting out of the trees with the squeaker toy in her mouth, squeaking away. She dropped the toy and it continued squeaking. Squeaker toys don't squeak on their own...
I ran over there and what do I see? This little guy. Like all other times Mazee's found a baby, it was completely unharmed.

I found the nest and put him back, I also put a doggy fence around the nest. Hopefully the mother will return.


So sweet! My friend Jeff has two bunnies. Bunnies are adorable. I just don't think they'd get along with my kitties.

Guess what? I was sitting here at my computer when I could have sworn I heard the bunny again. I went out to investigate and sure enough, Mazee got it again!
It's still unharmed, but now it's pushing it's luck. I think it's unsuccessfully trying to leave the nest. I got more photos of it too.

Maybe the bunny doesn't want to be a bunny anymore. Perhaps it wants to live with you.

Yea, I'd put it in it's nest and it would climb back into the towel. I wanted to care for it, but I don't know how.

ZOMG!!! IT'S A BEBEH BUNNEH!!!!!11!!11ONE111!!1!

I want.

Awww!!!! It's so cute! I'm glad she didn't hurt it :)

She never hurts the babies. One time she had three in her mouth at once, all unharmed.

That's crazy she could get three of them in her mouth, then again dogs can do that.... I remember my dog once caught a squirrel and was carrying it around and my dad finally got him to drop it and then it just ran off and started tormenting him from a tree again.