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BAP-31v1.4 (True Bolt Action Pistol) Answered

Here is my true bolt action pistol. It is pretty small for a true bolt action but pretty big for a pistol. It is also pretty ugly but it has to be like that with the mag because it uses gravity to operate. The trigger is TheDunkis' trigger from the TDS2. Pics: 1:The gun 2:TheDunkis' trigger 3:Firing pin and bolt forward 4:Firing pin and bolt back 5:Firing pin back and bolt forward 6-8:Internals


Bolt action V4 now dude, and Semi auto V5 lol, sad thing is, my bolt action V4 no longer has a mag (Due to reliability issues) but has an internal bullet lock, which I may take out 'cause it is reducing range by alot, either way, you postin' anything soon?

hmm. i just had an awesome idea

no.... i would love to tell you what it is but i cant.. it will overtake my semi auto in awesomeness. (i havent made my semi auto yet but i have the mech in my head)

I have an idea too. But I will probally make it in a week or so, then realese it at KI

Wait...SO CLOSE! On a REAL bolt action, the trigger cannot be pulled. This can dry fire while it's back. Still awesome.

BAP The sound it makes when you get hit in the back of the head with an aluminum bat.

i built iyt and it was an epic fail: 1 THe mag jamed like**** 2 the bullets fall out

the bolt is basically a slide, it's nothing new in the term bolt action...

But pushing the "slide" as you call it, loads a bullet, making it a bolt action.

there is that, but have you seen a slide action pistol? this is one of them

This has no slide, the bolt is connected to the firing pin, not a slide, bolt, its basically a handheld BAR/BASR.

So from now on every BAR/BASR is a slide action rifle/slide action sniper rifle?

i never said that, its just that this particular mechanism is a slide

can I build and ost it for you?

K, It won't be out for a while though, cause I dont want to take appart my spirani 2.0 mega mods.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! so sorry :( i just saw the new pictures of the insides, it is sort of new

What do you mean it is sort of new? It is the third true bolt action knex gun ever shown on Instructables, the second also being made by me.

i mean sort of new, its nothing that special.

well what is it, apart from a sliding bolt that is attached to a firing pin?

But it isn't, this isn't tru tru true bolt action, but it's as close as you can possibly get with knex, I mean there is no way you could make a gun that only has 1 firing pin which loads and fires the bullet, and so until that day I think this deserves to be called true bolt action.

I mean there is no way you could make a gun that only has 1 firing pin which loads and fires the bullet
if you have a proper mag, then you could, it could have a rubberband pusher to load the ammo

Except that wouldn't be bolt action, 'cause elastic bands loading the bullet isn't anything near Jollexs design or my design.

oh i just saw the new pictures. he's right. it is new.

These pictures have been here the whole time, none of them are new.

If you don't know what you're talking about, please don't talk at all.

hmmmm... i think i'll keep talking then. it is basically a slide that is not attached to the main gun

No its not, its a bolt that is attached to the firing pin, so that when you pull the bolt back it also pulls the firing pin back, and when you push it forward it pushes a bullet out of the magazine and into the firing chamber, and then you press the trigger and the firing pin goes forward and shoots the bullet.

surely the action of the firing pin alone would push the ammo down into the mag-well?

Cool, I attempted this with a bottom loading mag, didn't work out though.

Well on my bolt actions you need gravity to use it so it wouldn't work with a bottom loading mag.

Yeah, that's the problem I ran into, how to load the bullet up into the main barrel.

i think at the moment its impossible........

Yeah, I'm still experimenting with a few ideas though, I've thought about using a yellow connector as a ramp up into the main barrel and have a bendy rod as the secondary firing pin to push up the bullet. I'll see what I can come up with.

cool, i thought of a similar idea, but the rap was a green connector, and i never considered the bendy, try making your ramp a green rod, but keep the bendy

That is so brilliant! btw: why don't you make an instructable of anything?

Time consuming, what with my job and school there's really no time.

at least he isnt causing trouble, and is following the be nice policy this time........ but still, FAKE!

Yeah but, i just hate him because, he is faking one of the best builders all time. So with every comment he says, i say: FAKE IAC! He will not stand a chance :D

lol, when will you stop? when he changes his name? heh, he could be knex masters tournament for all we know........