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BBQ Grill Mat? Answered

I have seen several bbq grill mats advertised lately. Supposedly they keep the grill cleaner and allow you to cook smaller pieces of vegetables, chicken, kabobs, shrimp, etc. Without them falling through through the grill. They are inexpensive enough that I woulb be willing to give them a try. Have you heard anything about them?



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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-06-19

I have used them before, and they are quite neat! They sit directly on your grill and act like a flat top grittle, allowing food to cook on a flat surface. The mat I used was also able to be cut to the exact shape you wanted with ordinary scissor, which is super neat.

As great as they are, they do have drawbacks. Since you're no longer cooking directly on the grill you'll miss out on the grill-marks, a hallmark of outdoor cooking. Maybe not a huge deal, but I like the visual. I also I prefer using a grilling basket, as the metal will sear the food and impart a char. But, to each their own.

There is room for this inexpensive grill addition to your arsenal, and it's something worth exploring!

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