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BB's Vs airsoft Answered

Witch is better BB guns or airsoft and I have to say I like CO2 BB guns better!


uhh... airsoft, because you can safely shoot people, but with bb guns, you're stuck playing in your backyard alllllll by your self...

not for target shooting u can have friends over and do target shooting and to me if u wanna saftely shoot people use nerf guns

lol, nerf guns, are you serious? paintball is nice too... plus target shooting is slow-paced, and boring after 20 or so shots...

hmmm i cant reply for somereason i;ll try for my 5th time no i was not serious, nerf guns are fun for shooting random people, or like standing a peice of paper on a stool and i love target shooting i can use up 3000 bbs in less then 20 minets

ya i also like our ruguer 10/22 alot i could empt 50000 .22's easiely

i wouldn't consider a .22 to be a "real" gun then again to be honest a "real" gun means somthing that shoots somthing, so a nerf gun shoots somthing, thats a real gun

well, .22's are used in firearms, and they are cartridges, and are classified as guns, and you need to register them and... and... and...

yeah, they're real guns, right?

but technically speaking, there is a buzz bee toy gun, it's like a nerf, but it's a shot gun, thoes take cartridges


10 years ago

Real guns.

thats not part of the question! steel BBS or airsoft?

BBs all the way then. Though, once I actually get an airsoft gun, perhaps I'll change my mind.

no you wont steel BB's are harder and airsoft don't weigh anything and they fly in the wind! BB's go straight you should see my target i got THREE bulls eyes and they form a PERFECT triangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid. Shut up. Can you play matches if the 4.5mm zinc/copper/steel coated BB's you use in guns from Daisy? No. You know why? Because some of them shoot nearly the same velocity as a 9x19mm IF round. That's dangerous, the BB would [i]pierce[/i] your skin and possibly kill you instantly. Meanwhile in airsoft you use generally .20 gram BB's and up (Up to .43s usually) that are 6mm and they generally don't pierce skin. Personally I'd rather shoot people safely than target shoot.

I hate shooting at people, it can develop bad habits.I only like target shooting for that reason, and so YOU should shut up

It can only develop bad habits if you're irresponsible with them or have some sort of moment that makes you want to go kill people. It's not the guns fault -- It's the users fault.

I've shotten (because using an "I" didn't seem right) through the same hole before. Pure luck, though.

I've shot an arrow from my bow before at another arrow, a lucky shot, and it broke the knock off the arrow that was already in the target. I also got one through a piece of 1/2 inch blue rope before, a pure luck shot.

Awesome! I've shot a blow dart, which got stuck into another blow dart. Still, pure luck.

so haven't I on a airsoft and not to menchin it was RAINING

Do you mean an equilateral triangle?

A perfect triangle can be a perfect scalene triangle, which could be made by any three holes.

hey u gotta start somewhere so why not walmart theyre cheap and fun but they suk so if ur gonna get into airsoft really deep dont go to walmart or youll get pwned by serious players its as simple as that


10 years ago

Better for what?

Even if no one even visits this particular forum, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the maker of this topic gets their guns from Wal-Mart. Those are defined by airsoft enthusiasts like myself as 'LPEG's, meaning 'Low Power Electric Gun' which usually travel, say, 40 feet before either blowing off in a different direction or dropping. Granted, compressed air/air powered BB guns (As in, Daisy rifles), at full power, will always go faster, but they do take a good 5 seconds to reload usually. AEG's (Automatic Electric Guns. AEG is the term used to define a high power/high-end electric gun, not to be confused with MPEG [Medium power electric gun]), however, can fire generally around 10-12 rounds per second traveling at an average of 300 feet per second. Just wanted to clear up that Wal-Mart guns should not ever be compared to Steel BB guns. Though, they do make sniper rifles that are generally very high powered, but only if you get the high-end guns.

walmart guns should not ever bought by anyone serious about the sport. let me shorten that. walmart guns should not ever be bought by anyone.

airsoft is better BBs are fun to but you cant have wars with them. and some airsoft guns are fully automatic and you upgrade the power on an airsoft gun

Yeah you can, that's how I ended up taking a metal bb out of my buttcheek... Oh point made... lol the best place for a war is easily a container yard... i used to work in one...

yeah,you shouldn't have wars with them though thats what paint ball if for! also they have full auto BB guns

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