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BP Holdings Barcelona - BP And Tony Hayward Are Now A Nigerian Scam: Letter - Calameo Answered


THE BP oil spill in the US Gulf is now a Nigerian scam:
From: Dudley Caruthers Esq (Barrister at Law)
Subject: BP Related Agreement Entitlement
Dear Friend
I am the private solicitor for Mr Tony Hayward, the esteemed Chairman and Chief
executive of British Petroleum.
My client has various personal and family related
holdings of BP stock and options.
Due to his faithful long standing service to BP
the total value of his holdings amounts to in excess of 100m pounds sterling.
Heywood is a British citizen but it has been my sorrowful duty to advise him that
his personal and family wealth is at great risk of being wrongfully confiscated by
US authorities acting extra-territorially under special powers authorised by the US
government and with the secret consent of a supine UK political and legal