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BT TM-7 Answered

I recently heard about the new BT TM-7. First thoughts were price and when it comes out. It is basically a invert mini in milslim form. Great for me though thinking about getting a mini to play woodsball with! (LOL). All in all i want to now your thoughts and opinions about this marker and if you know the price.


D-Day was great, esp when we beat the allies!!! the guys at the BT tent said it would be about 425 when it comes out so you can count on it bein about 450 or so.

great 450... i will wait for the tm-7 elite! hahaha. so at d-day did you play at the airfeild? i really would like to go to that one day...

Its really neat. i got too look at it at Ok D-Day an it felt awesome an shot great. even tho its not all metal yet it is still pretty tough looking. first thing i thought of when i picked it up was a Q- loader set up. it could be mounted n the side for a SUPER small full marker setup. i have to say this is the FIRST BT marker that I've liked. I'm actually thinking about getting it when it comes out.

Thats flippin sweet!!!! hope d-day was awesome for you... i agree with your q loader idea but would also be sweet would be a ripclip and x-7 hopper. So do you get a price estimate? ive been hearing 400 to 425...