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BUD Big Ugly dish, satellite dishes re-use ideas/ Answered

I have searched with google to get a lot of satellite dish re-use ideas (gazebo seems to be tops)....I'd like to see more ideas, especially if catered to cats and dogs.


mine is the screen type, black, 8 foot.

I saw one over a metal cowtank.....for chickens, I wonder about those metal frames for cow feeders....seem to be 8 foot..might work as well....from www.farmandfleet.com

Silver the surface, and it should serve well as a solar concentrator / cooker.

Just put your target object / pot at the same point where the old signal receiver was.

I saw one guy who had coated the inside with mirror tiles - it must have weighed a ton afterwards.

I had some pupils use an old Sky dish lined with kitchen foil a few years ago - they managed to melt a chunk of chocolate, and win a national science presentation prize.

Not that exact link, but I have seen similar.

I once tried it with a class-full of children using old CDs, held by hand.

It didn't work...

Well, A CD is going to intrisically scatter anyway I suppose.


WiFi Extender?

You aren't looking for real technical answers correct? You want to use this with cat and dogs and other pets?

I suppose if you have several large dogs, it could serve as their common water bowl. They may also like to just romp though it if it is filled with water.

If your dog likes to dig holes in the yard, maybe it could be a large "dog sandbox" or "dirtbox" actually. That is, if the dog could be trained just to dig in there instead of elsewhere.

Cats may be amused if you throw a ping pond ball into it, and let it spiral downward to the bottom.

You could plant catnip in it, for their own little place to roll and be silly.

It could also be filled with sand for a giant litter box. Just warn any children that visit your house and think of playing in there!

At the Columbus Center of Science and Industry, I saw a throw your voice/private speaking thing. 2 dishes about 100 ft apart and pointed directly at each other. If you spoke into a dish, it was very clear to hear in the other. Even a whisper could be heard. Both dishes would need to be solid dishes and not the old screen type. Probably the bigger the better. Not sure if the newer small dishes would work as well or at all.