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Bachelor survival guide Answered

Hey, guys!
my boyfriend is moving away for a year and he'll be on his own for the first time, doing his PhD. I'd like to make him a funny and informative guide about things he should know... But... errr.... well, I have no idea where to start. 
Anybody have ideas, suggestions? 


There is a book titled "Where is Mom Now That I Need Her". I gave one to my colleg-aged son and another to his friend - it covers everything you were thinking of, and is written in a pleasant converstional style.

Hahahahahahaha, wonderful title!
Thanks for pointing it out. I'm looking for it on Amazon.com right now :)

I ran across the first copy at Half-Price Books and was impressed enough to order a second one from Amazon. The "A Man, A Can, A Plan" series is pretty good for simple recipes too, but it only contains recipes.

I suppose the critical things that he took for granted at home would be first on the list. Typically this would be (in no particular order):
1. food buying (things dont magically appear in the fridge)
2. food cooking (start with the basics, fry an egg, cook pasta, etc)
3. clothes washing
4. ironing (optional)
5. General housekeeping
6. Cleaning product identification and use

First off, he should know how to contact you, how often, and in how much detail to satisfy your distant longings / paranoia.

Back in my day, it was two or three letters a week, plus a weekly phone-call.

These days, it will probably be a continuous series of Tweets and FaceTime sessions.

Errrrr.... I meant more along the lines of some simple recipes, which cleaning supplies to use, things like that...

Haha, sorry.

I thought you meant "boyfriend out of reach" advice. Calling it bachelor survival is just asking for trouble!

Starting with recipes, a good search is collegiate...