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Back to Basics Ice Cream Maker Answered

I purchased a ice cream maker at a yard sale and can not get any directions.  it is electric with a double insulated 1.5 quart mixing bowl.  I need directions and ingrediants list.


I suggest looking for a Ben & Jerrys ice creaem recipe book and using that

1. freeze the bowl at least over night.

2. Make up some custard. - Buy tinned or packet if you like or make a traditional custard with eggs and milk/cream.

3. Let the custard cool and put in bowl

4. Add the churning top and he paddle turn on and let it run until the custard is chilled and thick.

4. pour into a plastic box and put in freezer to solidify.

It is most unlikely that your maker will actually freeze the ice cream unless it has an active freezing system attached so the intent is just to chill as far as possible.

The idea behind the churning is to prevent large ice crystalls forming which make the ice cream crunchy.

You can alter this recipe as you like adding flavour or fruit nuts etc.

YOU CAN also use Yoghurt strait from the carton - Yummy an more healthy than cream.

Almost all ice cream makers work the same cream in a mixing bowl surrounded with ice.
As for directions it would be nice to have the makers name.