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Back to School 2: More instructables to help you in class Answered

School has started for most of you and to help you out joshf posted The Top 10 List for going Back to School. But school is complicated and we feel that students can use all the help they can get. So we're helping you out with 10 (+1) more Instructables.

Good luck in school this year. Learning is awesome.

Minimalistic Desk by arte.sano
Planning on renting a room, decorating with a single mattress, and studying on the floor? Time to make your own desk and act like a grown-up. Your back will thank you.

Moleskine Hipster PDA case by atman
Be ready to take notes at any time and keep your life together, analog-style. Who says you only learn in classes? The world is your classroom, buddy.

Make a $5.00 "Space Pen" for your wallet by doctor_wu
Even if you forget your Moleskine Hipster PDA Case, with this tiny pen you'll always be sure that you can write those thoughts down if you can just find a scrap of paper.

Laptop sleeve from a zippered three ring binder by cmrc
Laptop bags can be crazy expensive for what is just some fabric and a zipper. Strip out a zippered binder instead and you're all set!

Vinyl Pencil Case by splityarn
Store your fancy mechanical pencils and fine point pens in style with this custom case for your binder. The one you didn't rip up for a laptop sleeve, that is.

Collegiate meals by trebuchet03
You're on your own and your idea of cooking is boiling water for ramen? That's sad. This collection of easy recipes will keep you eating well without stress. That's good.

Office supplies trebuchet by Scissorman
We recommend that you work on your verbal sparring with classmates before you resort to violence, but if you do need to get some agression out this tiny medieval weapon will help you launch your assault.

The Paper Catapult by Kiteman
So you don't have any office supplies for a trebuchet? Then print up this file and you'll have a scaled-down war going on in no time.

Lego USB Stick by ianhampton
If you're worried about accidentally using your Pinky USB Drive and destroying your homework you can make a flash drive with a sturdier bit of LEGO plastic. Just don't lose it by burying it inside your model of Helm's Deep.

How to "Steal" Your Textbook by TimAnderson
OK, we don't think you should really steal any textbooks, but you can turn them into PDFs by destroying them. You lose the resale value, but you can now keep all your books on your laptop and only carry one item to classes!

Wikipedia in your pocket by PKM
Afraid of getting into an argument in the cafeteria without the Internet to back you up? Take it with you by cramming Wikipedia in your pocket!


Oh, you mentioned the paper catapult! I had thirty kids make those at once last term, then started a major cross-class war with dried peas as ammunition - the casualties were appalling...

I'm in physics this year, I should bring this up when we get to projectile motion.

Heh, guess what one of our projects is: Make a trebuchet :D Along with bridge concepts, bottle rockets, centrifuges, and some wicked mechanical K'nex contraptions, just to name a few.. ; )

I wish i was in physics. middle school sucks!!! its like the work made harder and more of it...

Hey, I'm in middle school too! The limitation of electives is appaling.

I remember that... but now I'm a freshmen! yay It is awesome

cool, im a sophmore so we do som pretty cool stuff

you're lucky. i'm a sophmore too but our science is not very fun, and the teacher makes it worse.

my science teacher is cool, he gave us all cookies one day and we had to use science to find out witch one was bad, the bad cookie tasted sour. :P i dont know how he did it but it was funny to see the look of my best friends face cringe when he bit into his! lol!

My current science teacher gives someone $20, $40, $60, (so on) for every chapter test that person aces. But he tests culumatively, so his tests are long...

my history gave us an impossible challenge you draw a rectangle, draw a line splitting it in half long ways, draw on line in the middle on the top half, and to lines in thirds on the bottom it just looks like a brick pattern, then you have to draw a line that goes through all of the lines in the box without going through one line twice.


HAHA! I Did those all the time... to no avail. guess what? You missed the bottom line :P

yeah i know thats the thing, i dont remeber how to do it, HOWEVER a while ago i had a ripleys believe it or not book and it showed how to do it. you should have been there when i was running around frantically trying to find it that day!

lol. I think I actually found the answer by accident a year after trying the problem, but I lost the paper. Or I didn't care lol.

im almost a fresh man next year i will be(:

Actually when I was in a 7th grade science course, we did a huge unit on pulley systems, it was a contest who could figure out the reduction of weight or something everytime you add a pulley.. The previous record was 34 pulleys on one system.. We got up to 66. :D

Pshh, when I was in 7th grade we learned about plants. And on the days we didn't do much the people at the table I sat at and I played Survivor. That was actually quite an interesting year...

wer learning about ecosytems , cells and stuff (-.-)

yeah I did that in 7th grade... but I don't have science yet... I hope I don't have to learn it

how did you get thirty kids to make those??

thats what i thought! You gotta be an awesome teacher!

I like to think so...

...awesome can also mean "scary"

id rather have scary teavher then have a bad one

Why can't we have cool teachers in my school! I'm jealous of the kids at your school. They have you as a teacher.

Yeah, I like that li'l catapult. One of these days I should make one myself :)

Me to, when I get e printer working .. hmm .. doesn't our office printer do A1's? *moah ha ha haa*

There isn't a printer on this computer either, so I just drew it, then cut it out. I made two catapults.

Hmm .. some cardboard and the projector would perhaps allow me to creat a weapon of massconfusion *moah aha ha*

oh!!! a WMD (weapon of mass-distraction) being a junior so rocks

And your paper catapult is really cool!


9 years ago

I miss school. I do not like the real world. :-(

Don't be too keen - I'm rather old-fashioned as a teacher, which means you don't get away with "attitude" and laziness.

Yeah, but we'd probably get to learn more and do cooler stuff. So it would still be worth it.

You seem kind of laid back though... you are easy to talk to... at least on the Internet o_O I like to be able to talk to teachers in an easygoing kind of way... it is nice. by the way, what subject do you teach?

I teach Science, with a dash of maths thrown in. Thanks for your kind comment.

I like science, it can be very fun. the projects are always interesting, to say the least.

aren't all good teachers that way?

the iwiki-sh idea was nice

yeah i actually did that in my iPod touch, it rocks the hell outta me

Cool stuff, but I am home schooled...