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Backup Cams Answered

So, I was talking about homemade backup cameras for a car. And the question of legality came up. Do they have to be shut off whenever you're in drive, if so, how do the wireless ones that you can buy turn off when you get out of reverse?



10 years ago

They are used on Big trucks or RVs, they do not turn off while driving because you could look at the monitor and find that there is a motercycle behind you and such. Unless your driving a huge truck its not nessesary

Do u have a really nice car, or were you going to get it for your sports car your supposed to get. I see no point as long as you have great visibility, other then that its just to show off and clutter your dashboard

I'll be getting a crappy car. The point of backup cams are to see your blind spots, and the area that your trunk blocks while you are backing up...so you don't run over little children.

Oh well that to but cars are easy to see in back of, you can always just roll down the window and look or yell. Even better put up one of thoughts little speakers that have an obnoxious beeping noise when you put it in reverse. There are also sonic distant detectors that will buzz if there is an object behind you, then you don't have to worry about a monitor and power usage. But you don't care what I think anyway.

Do you drive yet? There is a blind spot right behind you that you can't see, especially if there are little kids or bikes directly behind you. ...the backup sensors would be even more expensive than a camera+ monitor to buy and install.

I have my permit and can get my license in September, there is not really any kids in my neighborhood and my drive way is 20 feet long so I wouldn't have a problem. Wouldn't the back up camera have a blind spot too unless you aim it by your license plate.

It would be easier just to purchase one from ebay or amazon. If you make it thats fine but you would still need to purchase the equpiment and an LCD screen or some type of monitor.

Well I'm not planning on building the camera... The cameras specially for the back of cars are a lot more expensive.

Oh, your just going to put peices together. Well it would be best to get a spy set off ebay because they are wireless. You could install the camera above the plate and figure out how to put the battery cable inside the trunk, I don't know what to do with the monitor.

My plan would be to put it on the inside, looking out the back window. Then Just put a small monitor somewhere conveinent.

Oh, but when you think about it there would still be a blind spot, talking about blind spots. Do you have little circle blindspot mirrors on your side mirrors.

There wouldn't be a blind spot..between what you can already see and what the camera will show you, there will be no blind spots, that's the point of the camera. No, I don't have the extra mirrors.

Well If you but it on the back window wouldn't there be a blind spot because of the trunk but it should be fine its not going to be that big. The extra mirrors are amazing you see everything with them.

Sorry about my previous comment...school starts on Thursday, which is bad enough, plus I can't take the advanced history class, I'll probably end up as an aide in the lowest math class there is, and to top it off, the heat index is 110! I'm just in a particularly good mood right now. Sorry!

"I'm just in a particularly good mood right now."

Something tells me you typed that wrong =]

The idea of mirrors is to have a slight overlap between wing mirrors and the windshield mirror to eliminate blind spots between the views of each mirror. However, it is impossible to see areas close to the back of the car, particularly if they are low, depending on the car. For example, my sister's Ford Escort wagon has excellent backing visibility, but our rarely-used Chevy Astro van has lousy rear visibility. The backup camera is positioned to look in the area that is not covered by the mirrors. Weissensteinburg is trying to make his car easier and safer to back, not make it look cool, rather than spending his time trying to prove a non-issue and ticking me off by ticking him off. In other words, unless you have an idea about Weissensteinburg's camera system, shut up about blind spots! It's not an issue! Weissesteinburg: Good luck with the project!

Weissensteninburg knows i am not ticking him off, the fact that he wants a blind spot camera i suspected it would be nice to have blind spot mirrors for when hes on the road.

Note my other comment...I'm kind of not happy at the world in general right now. I mean no offense to you, and I apologize for any that was taken.

...I would position it so that there isn't a blind spot.

I suppose you could just wire the power to the camera in series/parallel to the reverse light, so when the reverse light is engaged, the power to the camera comes on. I'd say they have to be shut off when driving because it could be deemed a distraction at the wheel.

I'm looking for the actual law. ... I don't think that the reverse light gives enough power to turn on the camera and the light though.

hm..I think it might better just to leave the cam on, or have a switch up front for it. The other thing is, cameras take a bit of time to warm up, i'd like to be able to start up the camera, when I might be using it, then turn it off when i'm on the road.

Yeah you could just leave the cam on and have a switch on the monitor to turn it in/off.

But that'd be a waste of power ;) I'd turn on the camera when I get in the car, and turn it off once I'm out on the wide open road.

Hmm.... and what about when you need to park again after a journey? Warm it up by turning the camera on and when you find a space THEN turn the monitor on?

Yup..I could turn it on as I enter a parking lot. But if I'm parking normally, I wouldn't need it, only for backing out.

Oh i see, i thought you were meaning more for parallel parking. How about servo mounting it to be able to look either way around corners?

We don't parallel park much around here, but I could use it for that too. Unless my back end is already past the corner, I wouldn't be able to see around the corner. And I don't think the coppers will be too fond of me moving it back and forth while driving. A good idea, just not too practical.

I could put a push button switch on the monitor, and so it only is on when I want to see backwards. A toggle switch on the camera so it can warm up once i'm in the car.