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Bad Driver's Needed Answered

How do I assemble a parking sensor? I am lost. What ideas does everyone have? Using an Arduino.


Sorry, should have ben more specific. I am assembling a device that is supposed to help drivers improve their parallel parking skills. I am using these two tutorials at the moment: http://iwearshorts.com/portfolio/diy-parking-sensor/
However, I have a 4-pronged distance sensor with different settings, than the the 3-pronged distance sensor used in these tutorials. I am lost in the assembly process.

Backup cameras? Security/ webcam on back bumper?


I'm pretty good at judging the front bumper, and sides. The rear bumper, and proximity to obstacles can be tricky, especially when parallel parking a fully loaded truck- No rear visibility.

What if ya separated the display from the sensor of a sonic tape measure? Better, use 2 sensors, one on each rear corner, with the displays on the dashboard.

You might wanna test failure mode when sensor is dirty. Does it give a false reading?

What ideas do you have? I'm guessing you want to be able to have it signal stop like pulling into a garage so you do not go in too far. What is out there to sense motion and can tell when there is no motion? Maybe crossing an infrared beam, rolling over a pressure switch or pressing on a feeler rod attached to a switch. Maybe utrasonic waves? Look at what other people have done with such methods and then you can plan out your parking sensor with an arduino to sound off or flash LEDs.

Oh, I am not a bad driver, I aim for the people things I wanna knock over.