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Bad Instructables Group Answered

Do you think we should make a group that has all the instructables that people thought were bad, or do you think that would be to harsh. Please comment.


So why are all these comments, except the one I just posted, all around 7 years old? Is instructables.com just a front for conspiracy theories.

Because you chose to respond to a seven-year-old forum posting. Take a look at the "About This Topic" box, where you'll see "Posted: Jun 24, 2007"

The problem is.... Everyone that doesn't like K'nex guns would put every K'nex gun in there. Then, everyone that doesn't like pen guns, or iterations thereof would add those to that group. Then, we can't forget about those that loathe mints.... Altoids tin projects... in the group. Paper, duct tape, etc. wallets and iterations thereof -- in the group. I don't like gardening... In the group. I don't agree with one of your sentences... In the group. You were sarcastic, and I missed the joke... In the group. I don't agree with your *ology -- in the group. See the problem? It's not the group that's harsh... It's the people.

id be moderated by someone decent but but not intense = garbage in the group+decent=not in the group

. I don't like it. Instructables is supposed to be positive and constructive (see "be nice" comment policy). Doesn't always work that way, but it's better than a lot of other sites I've seen.
1) If you have to be negative, leave a comment at the iBle. Why bother everyone else about it? Unless it's so bad it's funny, I don't care to look at it (or the negative comment).
2) You can click the negative rating button. Probably won't make it go away, but maybe you'll feel better when you see the rating drop.
3) If it's that bad, it should be removed by the site Ops/Mods. PM 'em and let them know about it.
. Ie, why bother, when there are so many other options available.

Well, I did it and I'm glad. You can be nice, but that doesn't mean you have to act like every ible has some redeeming quality. Some are just crap. And some are funny crap. And a whole lot of them don't have to be crap, but are. That being said, I probably wouldn't have made the group if I had found this thread first. I know I've upset a few (though none of the "victims" have even commented - and will be happily removed if they do), including Treb - sorry guy. But, really, take off the sensitive shoes and stop being so darned PC. And I suppose this thread does answer the question posed in the gorpu forum.


10 years ago

My Instructable is pretty horrible if you ask me.

Just search by rating and look at the last page?


Reply 11 years ago

We've yet to see a "How to kill Yourself" Instructable... L

lmao video, watch carefully because i'm only going to show you this once!

thats to mean i have instructables with a rating 0 i just started throw? thats mesed up

Instead of bad Instructables, how bout those with a rating of 0?

A rating of 0 isn't that bad. It's the ones that are -72 that could be considered bad.

Negative ratings no longer exist, remember? 0 is as low as it goes for display purposes.

Bad idea. It would add tensions that would not need to be raised on our already stressful lives. Instructablian: OH MY GOD MY INSTRUCTABLE IS IN THE BAD GROUP *kills himself* See what I mean?

I don't really think that would be necessary. Each instructable has a comment section so that would be the place to ask questions. Instructables that are confusing to some are perfectly clear to others. Personally, if I had one that was poor, I'd want someone to help me improve it, not slam it in another area. I would agree that a space be dedicated to instructables that are dangerous or illegal in some way.