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Baked Potatoes~~ Do you eat the shell? Answered

This is just a general poll. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm just interested in your personal preferences.

When eating a Baked Potato... do you eat the shell?





Oh, yes absolutely--with a bit of butter, they're wonderful. And I have a guilty secret: when a potato explodes in the oven, I'm in alt! I really love the resulting super-crispy skin. I haven't been able to figure out a way to recreate the effect without making a mess of the oven.

I've never seen (or heard of) a BP exploding in the oven.

I have a self-cleaning oven. What's the cooking time and temp?

lol... I will try just about anything once!

It doesn't happen very often--i suspect it has something to do with the age and/or the moisture content of the tatie. But when it does happen, you get a skin which is shatteringly crisp, with fluffy-crispy bits of potato flesh adhering here & there (including adhering to all the oven walls, lol). There's a new product on the market, "Pop Chips", which are potato crisps which have a asomewhat similar texture. They have some proprietary process that they say "pops" the potatoes. Weight Watchers is now selling a similar popped potato crisp.....

If I know it's been washed, YES always (not if the baked potato is a sweet potato or yam, just normal white, red, or blue tators)

The thing is, not only is it GOOD tasting, but most of the nutrients are right under the skin and if you take it off, you lose them. :-)

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Not as a general rule - my dogs LOVE them :)

My dogs, too.

I usually eat my POTATO SKINS but hubby never does.

. heehee Same here. I will sometimes eat them, but I usually give them to the dogs as a treat.

Er, if they have shells then they aren't potatoes, they're eggs, and I never eat the shell of an egg.

However, I do always eat the skin of a nice baked potato (a sprinkle of salt before you put them in the oven helps give a nice crispy texture).

By shell I assume you mean the Potato. I rarely have baked potatoes but when I do the shell is fair game. What is the point of baking a potato if not to consume it? Otherwise you could just have put the filling in a bowl and not waste food. :P

Yes, you assumed right! Thanks for replying!!!!

I always do, my wife never does.
What about the resident of the Potato State ?


If it's been cooked nicely, yes.


Nicely = un-charred Idaho russet potatos thoroughly cooked for easy fork
separation readily accepting melted sweet butter and issuing a steamy
aroma of those flat Idaho plateau ridges from whence they came to my table.


Oh.... I live in Idaho... and you just made me really hungry for a BP! ;-D

You bet I do! Even when cooked in the microwave. :P

Me, too! I'm contemplating a BP dish. I think I'll go for it!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE!!!!!