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Ball or Egg Chair Answered

I've always wanted to have one of those egg chairs or ball chairs from austin powers. you know those retro chairs. however they retail for more than a grand a piece. I know it could be made for cheap i just don;t know how to go about starting it. Like what materials i should use and how to get the big round or sphere shape. Any Ideas would be awesome!!!!! i know theres gotta be some people out there that would like to know how to make their own as well.


I think i'm going to try this one next year.
My plan is to bend some metal rods in the right shape and weld them together. I would than put some fiberglass on that and aint it the color i like.
But many someone else will come up with a better plan and i'll just go with that.

I wish everyone luck who is trying this and please upload some pictures!

wow. Ill sit in a cardboard box and give homeless that 1000 bucks coz thats a rip off for it even though its beautiful....

I've been thinking about making one of these for a long time now.

So far my method would be to get a large inflatable sphere made by my local inflatables manufacturer, then I'd cover it in a layer of fiberglass to make the basic shell and deflate it to take it out. Onto that shell I'd put steel mesh and possibly some 6mm rebar for reinforcing certain areas like the lip and the base. Onto that I'd layer more and more fiberglass till I have a strong enough structure, then shape it with automotive filler and then sand and paint.

The alternative would be to make a foam mould on the inflatable, cut it in half and try get the inside as smooth as possible. Then bolt it together and fiberglass and reinforce the inside and take the mould off when you're done. I have a feeling this might be the way the make the original, so that the imperfections from reinforcing it are on the inside, where you're going to be putting the padding anyway. It would cut down dramatically the amount of shaping and sanding you'd need to do.

What would look awesome though is if you could build say an icosahedron instead of a sphere, and then you'd also be sanding down to flat planes rather than a constant curve.

As for the base, you can make it out of fiberglass, or steel, shouldn't be too complicated.

I'm mostly done with my Jacobsen-style egg chair. My method for building the shell/frame has produced excellent results but was very labor-intensive/experimental:

-The basis for the shell came from a Dogloo-brand dog house. This is a large plastic dog house in the shape of an igloo. I had one that wasn't being used, but I imagine these can be picked up cheaply secondhand. I cut the basic shape with a reciprocating saw.

-I reinforced this on the inside with fiberglass.

-I stiffened the structure further with a steel plate cut from a satellite dish. This runs from tailbone-to-shoulders and is bolted to the shell. I modified the contour of the steel plate on an english wheel and bead rolled it for stiffness. Similar results could be achieved with hand tools

I added foam and batting last night, and it's looking good. I've sat in it, and it seems stiff/strong enough. A good fiberglassing job could probably eliminate the need for additional steel reinforcements.

We had these in a room at a library that I helped design as a teenager. The chairs were very cool- they had two speakers inside them hidden behind the fabric! They were made of fiberglass. They cost nearly $3k each, and the loveseat version cost almost $8k, but they were the real deal! I inspected them quite often trying to figure out how to make them myself years back. I noticed that they were not exactly alike, note perfectly smooth. My suggestion would be this:
use thick pieces of foam, adhered together into a very large cube and cut the basic shape away. Then sand it down to your desired size. I would say since you're aiming for a very rough shape at first use a coarse grit belt sander and just tear through it! Be care ful of fumes and serious particulates and wear a mask! Once the shape is nice and smooth I would coat it with fiberglass. I'd say use polyester resin and some seriously thick glass mat for all of the layers except the last couple where I would use a normal weave pattern to keep things nice and clean. Lots of sanding is involved! Then give it a few good coats of gelcoat and some nice paint and you're set! The interior- use plenty of stacked up and adhered foam padding, some nice upholstering fabrics and a serger, and that's it. In a nutshell. For the base, you could build it out of whatever, but the chairs we had used fiberglass bases that were hollow with no internal support or other materials. These chairs were über heavy though- they weighed as much as a regular nice armchair would! Hope this was of any help!

(SUGGESTIONS)um it looks like its in sections if you look at the blue edges{MATERIALS) I suggest you need cushions and padding,steel pipes(variable in size depending on height and with,)thin flexible metal,(variable on size and height)(and you will probably need a pipe bender or skills with a vice) you will need a welder,lots of solder, screws,screwdriver that should do er.{HOW TO MAKE}Bend the metal into the sloped shapes that form the sections,Put metal over bent pipes by welding the metal on,Next make all the sections and weld them together{make sure its very tough and will not break under your weight),Next use and adhesive bonding gel or screws(i prefer an adhesive bonding gel,saves time),Then to make the stand take 4 rods then bend them into a half circle shape except not as wide though and take 1 rod and make sure its tall as the rods and make a circle out of another rod and then another circle{MAKE SURE ONE CIRCLE IS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER SO THAT ONE CIRCLE FITS IN THE OTHER THE BOTTOM CIRCLE IS THE BIGGER ONE AND IS ABLE TO HALF 5 RODS WELDED TO IT}so that all 5 weld to the circle take 4 rods and make it so that the middle rod can weld to the middle and weld the top circle to the ball chair and there u have it a ball chair kinda confusing the rods gotta go into a j shape but not with the hook as a fishing line would have just the curve um hope this helps!:]

Hmm, looks like it might be harder then it originally appeared. Rounded edges are always harder to make then nearly straight ones. Normally it means either bending at higher temperatures, or vacuum forming. And on a scale of this size, it might be a bit much if you are trying to save money :-)

i think these chairs where made from plastic molds but uh be square! square is the new cool who needs smooth edges when you got us squares.....

i really like that idea square i am gonna have my dad help me with a square chair thats awesome thank you

Yes, molds of some sort, whether vacuum or forced from above ;-) One might be able to make a bigger one, square, and then use autobody putty to round out the outside and inside........um, nah....bad idea.

yeah, bad idea you should probably model it out of a smoother shape like an icosahedron?

Use plywood to cut C-shaped or U-shaped ribs that form the skeleton of the shape of your chair, much like how you would build the nose of an airplane. You can probably weld together a metal tube support structure. Skin it over with plastic, sheet aluminum, fiberglass or thin plywood that can be worked to a smooth shell. Good luck.


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Perhaps take a leaf from pepakura, make the sphere or egg shape out of corrugated box card. Smooth the outside with papier mache or body filler, then fibreglass the whole thing. Or use the cardboard shape to form some thermoplastic (acrylic or whatever) over it with a heat gun. You'd have to do it in parts so it won't be seamless, but you'll have a plastic ball, sort of.

I've been thinking the same thing. my current idea is: to make the shape a compressed semi coffinlike shape (similar in principle to the "icosahedron" so that you could round out the inside with padding. it would also make it bomb proof with stabilizing legs.