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Baltimore Ham Fest this weekend Answered

At the Maryland state fairgrounds. This is a great place to pick up used electronics and parts of all sorts. We use to have parking lot pc contents (Who can build the fastest pc for 50bucks). Great dealers of all sorts of stuff 10 bucks to get in.

We should have an instructables meet up


The Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, sponsor of The GBH&C targets Amateur Radio and electronics enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. In the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region and adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, we attract civilian, government, and marine attendees from Maine to Florida.

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Goodhart (author)2008-03-27

oh RATS I forgot about this again !

I have to be at an open house this weekend for the new PENN STATE center opening locally. *kicking self*

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Goodhart (author)Goodhart2008-03-27

Ever since I stopped getting Nuts n Volts, I miss this every year.....*sigh*

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ewilhelm (author)2008-03-27

Add a intro image, and I'll feature.

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