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Band, Miter, jig or scroll saw: the "goto" tool Answered


I was wondering what people use for prepping materials to fit on small workspace spaces. I am interested in using machinable materials like acrylic, lexan, delrin, hdpe, machinable foam, polystyrene, brass and aluminum. These materials are usually easy to get in the right thickness and width, but the length could be 4'. I need to slice them down to sizes no more than 5.25" long to be used on a small cnc machine (5.5"x4.5"x1.25" build area)

What do you think, or have experience with, that solves most of your needs?




3 years ago

For thin stuff that doesn't need finished edges the jigsaw (or sabre saw, if you prefer) would be my "goto" tool. Easy to work with in a tight area--the saw, not the material, moves. Plus it's easy to change blades for metal, ripping, etc.

Bandsaws are great, especially for thick blocks, but it takes much more work to change a blade. Miter saws are best for finished cuts. Scroll saws are generally most useful for complex curve cuts; basically a power coping saw.

My two cents...

Thanks! I got a mid-to-high range jigsaw and am looking forward to using it. I could have gone cheap yet I often find that going with the low-end results in buying the mid-tier or high-end about 6 months later, with the exception of my miter saw.

Nice--hope it does what you need...