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Banned Books Week! 9/29 - 10/6! Answered

Did you guys even know this existed? Are you doing anything for it?

Quite nerdy of me, I know, but my store has a neat display going on right now and I wanted to share. And it's good to spread the word about events like these, I think! :D

So my friend Seth and I decided to go with Alcatraz... but with books. I think it turned out fairly well considering we tried to use materials we had lying around the store. The whole thing cost less than $20.

We wanted to have "Where's Waldo?" escaping on the raft but the book is much too big, so I thought LotF was fitting. :)

Oh, and for more information about banned and challenged books, visit these sites!
deletecensorship.org - Half Price Books website
ALA website - lots of nice lists and explanations!


I was browsing through the banned or challenged list. I couldn't believe the irony of this entry: 'Fahrenheit 451' by Ray Bradbury was removed from the required reading list of the West Marion high school in Foxworth, Mississippi (1998) for profanity. For those not familiar with the book, the plot revolved around censorship and book burning. Fahrenheit 451 was supposedly the temperature that books burned. Cheers, Pat. Pending

I still think "Where's Waldo?" gets me the most. It's banned because in one of the beach scenes, there's a topless woman. One very small, badly drawn topless woman. You can't even see anything. It was hard for me to even verify that she was topless. Are people really this desperate to be unhappy about something that they'll scour the pages of a children's book until they find something offensive?

"Are people really this desperate to be unhappy about something that they'll scour the pages of a children's book until they find something offensive?" It's a case of the uptight and repressed trying to set the moral standard for the rest of us. These people are the least capable of making reasoned judgements but are often the most vocal in expressing them. Pat. Pending

You know, whoever drew this thought they could get away with something. It goes along with the infamous Little Mermaid phallic stuff. Some artist gets ticked at a boss or publisher and puts in something that they know will cost the publisher a ton of money later on when it's finally found. Such things are usually the immature response on the part of the artist to some paltry work issue. Personally, I would have a tough time explaining this to my daughter who attempts to act out and say most everything she reads or hears. I have to say that I don't really believe there's much of a moral majority expressing a viewpoint in comparison to other views. Let me put it this way: I find that my wife and I have to work extremely hard to find entertainment that meets our standards. It's dang hard work to find good clean fun. There are also certain expectations of content in American society for children's media. If I bought this Where's Waldo book and found that picture I'd feel, well, lied to or cheated. I was expecting a book devoid of such base things. I often feel we are surrounded by images and messages trying to push immorality or amorality down our throats. In the past, you could always get that sort of thing if you went looking for it, like drugs nowadays. If you want them, you can find them (not that I know where to look, but I know thatthey're everywhere to be had, if you want to find them). But these days, even if the television show you are watching is clean, there will be offensive commercials. We're swimming in such stuff. I know that things have been trending for the last few years slightly more conservative in these matters, but it is still extremely difficult to avoid even something as blatant as hardcore pornography in our current society. I know that I don't usually express my displeasure at such stuff except by voting with my wallet. But I am glad that some people are finally asking that there be once again a modicum of restraint in public on these matters. I realize this doesn't relate so much to banned books, but my aim is simply to make you aware of my perspective. A person that would ask that the offending Where's Waldo book be taken off an elementary school library shelf. I hope that you can at least understand my point of view, regardless of your agreement with it. Chers! And Sonnys!

You have a right to your point of view, but, can I understand it? NO! Absolutely definitly not!.

Royalestel hasn't even posted for over a year.

Personally, I would have a tough time explaining this to my daughter


I showed this picture to my daughter (6). I asked her to tell me what was happening in the picture. She reeled off all the things that she saw and eventually she described the lady screaming because of the ice cream on her back. When she had finished I said, "is that it? Didn't you notice anything else?", she shook her head. "Didn't you notice that this lady doesn't have a top on?". She looked at me for an explanation, "Yeah! ..So..", she shrugged. My daughter is an innocent 6 year old, and could see nothing wrong with the lady being topless. I think the reason she saw nothing wrong with it, is precisely because there is nothing wrong with it!

I hope that you can at least understand my point of view, regardless of your agreement with it.

I think in order to understand your point of view I would have necessarily had to been brought up thinking that nudity is shameful - I wasn't, and I don't. I do however respect your views, and in particular your right to hold them.
Censorship takes away everyones right to choose what's important or unimportant to them, and replaces it with someone else's moral judgement/paranoia/personal hang-ups/religious beliefs/repression/blinkered views.


Pat. Pending

On the other hand, 6 year old don't care about running around without tops one. What is funny is, even though I am a guy, I have always felt a little self-conscious about it. *shrug*

There are accepted societal standards. These standards change over time. But one can find graphic depictions of sex and violence in public libraries. Why elementary school libraries? Trying to come to a consensus on what is generally age-appropriate material falls in the realm of manners not censure. To understand my point of view would not require being raised the same way . . . there are other ways to understand others' viewpoints. But I understand that some are harder than others. I for instance never understood--but that's getting off-topic.

To understand my point of view would not require being raised the same way . . .

I didn't say that, I said, "... brought up thinking that nudity is shameful". Why don't you explain how you feel about nudity, maybe then, I might understand your point of view better.


Pat. Pending

There is a time and a place for nudity. Just as there is a time and a place for sex. (There is a season, turn, turn). In the societies in which we live, we ought to strive for the ideal in modesty. I say, "the societies in which we live" because those standards for modesty are vastly different across the globe. In American culture, I think it's safe to say that a flashing passers-by is not considered modest. So my basic viewpoint is that modesty in public is natural and full exposure of knowledge in all its senses is natural in the marriage bedroom. Hope that helps. Love your username, by the way!

Censorship takes away everyones right to choose what's important or unimportant to them, and replaces it with someone else's moral judgement/paranoia/personal hang-ups/religious beliefs/repression/blinkered views.

I agree. It is the parent's duty to restrict whatever they feel need be restricted, to teach whatever they feel needs taught, in this area. By the time they are going to school, they will either have a restricted outlook on life, or they will view life in a manner that allows for others to have different perspectives on anything. Either way, we can not allow the Government to become our babysitters. 1984 style.

xD I didn't see it for about 20 seconds. I like the look of the person on the left's face.

OH MY GOD!!! I am now scarred forever by a cactus in the desert!! AHHHH

Just wait until you get to be that age LOL

I still say it is a man whose bikini top fell off LOL, where is my microscope when I need it...

Hmm, how do they even know if it is a woman ? Long hair is no indication, and if it really is that tiny (I can attest to this personally), a heavy (read fat) male like myself looks like they could use a size B or C bra.....so how do they know? I am allowed to (although I don't; I sunburn too easily, and am modest too ;-) ) go onto a public beach without a top. What hypocrisy. The problem with "crowd syndrome" is it moves like the wind *sigh*

Self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.....I remember the book well (read a lot of Ray Bradbury when I was a lot younger...)

Is The Glass Tower on the list ? (The movie made from it was Towering Inferno). Someone gave me the paperback while I was in high school, and he had started to scribble out the cuss words....it looked like a bloody crossword puzzle there were so many scribbles LOL

I wonder if Kiteman saw any humor in the mistyped word near the end of your last post:

Oh, now I'm ranting again. I just don't know why it is so hard for people to loo the other way and stop pushing their views on everyone else.

I am not sure how to loo the other way LOL

Seriously though, the whole "politically correct" business has me perturbed too. I mean, I "try not to offend others" but I am personally almost never offended, even when called foul names (that is not an open license to do so however LOL). It should be a personal thing....if a book offends me......guess what ? I won't READ IT. I have not desire to ban others from reading it though....all the world has gone crazy...

...I won't READ IT...

Sometimes you have to. I'm part way through Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists versus God and Religion, which the authors claim is "an informed critique" of the way people like Dawkins and Gould treat religion. It's supposed to be objective, but I keep having to stop reading and have a rant about the sly biases shown in the text. I'd quite like to have the authors beside me as I read, so I smack them with the book every time they cross into subjectivity (it's hardback).

Ordinarily, I'd have given up and binned it by now, but I'm supposed to be reviewing it for Science in School magazine. Suffice to say it is unlikely to get a favourable review...

if that book is supposed to be for school than the government has reached a crisis state of insanity. By the way did anyone read a swiftly tilting planet? Personally I could not finish the first 3 pages, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed reading a dictionary.

Oh yes, in those cases. Fortunately for me, the only time I was "asked" to read something I found offensive, I was also given the choice of changing my elective (and I am really glad I did, I had so much more fun in the public speaking class then the other would have afforded me). Strangely, I am not really sure I have ever found anything else "offensive" (when I read books as you mention Kiteman, I tend to laugh at them a lot to keep me from screaming and shaking my head too much). But I do empathize with you...I have read many a "gloppy" book to extract information I needed many times (Stephen Hawking being one of my, um, favorites ;-) you gotta admit, he has an imagination ). If you want something with thrills and chills try: "Reversable Crystal Plasticity" or "Peptides and Their Receptors" (Vol. I & II), both in my library.

For some reason the "reversable Crystal Plasticity" title reminded me of "Hacking Matter" a 2004 book I think. Ever read it? Blew me away. And reminded of some interesting scriptures in Revelations. Something like the earth will be as a sea of glass.

"Hacking Matter" "The book's science is solid and McCarthy's fervor genuinely infectious. The Future never felt so close." - WIRED

Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms...

To answer your question, no, I have not yet finished reading it (but I do own it ;-) ). By Wil McCarthy....the above was off the over of my paperback copy.

You know after reading the whole book very rapidly, I don't remember hitting upon any levitating chairs. I might have skipped a chapter or two as I had to return it to the library before I could finish it.

Pages 153-155 under the subtopic of Transportation He speaks of the Meissner effect: Vehical levitation, molecular magnetism, and diamagnetically stabilized levitation.

*sigh* "off the COVER" I have my good days and I have my bad ones.....sorry

BTW: At the same time I am also reading "Schrodinger's Machines" The Quantum Technology Reshaping Everyday Life. by Gerard Milburn. It is a fascinating read also (if one is into quantum physics ;-) ). Believe me, the one I mentioned on crystalline reversibility was a bit hard to get through to find what I wanted, but nothing compared to the two vol. Peptides and Their Receptors books for being "great for inducing sleep".

My school celebrates banned book week a week early...not sure why, even though I'm in the Teen Literacy Innitiative. But my mom and I where looking at the list, and couldn't believe what we saw. Catcher in the rye Huck Finn Harry Potter The GIVER!? It's rediculous! We are reading Huck Finn in English, and we have to do a project (I should probably be working on now, LOL) were we take a stance on Huck Finn and Defend our decision to ban / keep the book in the classroom...And several kids think it should be banned!! For racist elements!! I'm sorry, but thatts the time period, people! (sorry, done ranting now)

well i suppose racist elements are better than this reason: "This fictional work was excluded from the children’s room of the Brooklyn Public Library (1905) on the grounds that “Huck not only itched but scratched, and said sweat when he should have said perspiration.”"

oh, and when it was first published, it was attacked for being too racially tolerant

there was a red riding hood book that was banned because she brought wine to her grandmother

Hmm. Brave New World is banned, too. That's my favorite book.


10 years ago

Whoah! Summer of My German Soldier was banned? We read that in school. I mean, I guess it could have been offensive, but it wasn't condoning offensive activities. It displayed anything questionable in a highly negative light... well except helping a German soldier escape. Oh well. Banning books is stupid.