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Baseball retrieval system? Answered

My son plays little league baseball and there are quite a few balls "just out of reach" on some private property with a 6' high chain link fence. No barbed wire, but lots of poison ivy. Wondering if you folks could help me McGuyver something to retrieve these baseballs. I got as far as PVC and some sort of grappling hook, but then again, I'm a newbie ;-) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


dril a hole in the bat, tie string to ball. ta da

when i read this, i thought of a video i saw once. there was a guy that threw a ball over his neighbors fence and put a harness on his dog, lifted him over, and let him get it. then he lifted the dog back over. i looked for the video and couldnt find it. so you have the pvc... put a net on the end of it. make the net to where it can close, but only when you pull a string. attach string and run through pvc pipe. get ball in net, pull string, bring ball back with no problems with it falling back out. it works in my head anyways...

I can picture the perfect solution in my head, but it's hard to describe. I'll have to make one...

Do you have a pool skimmer? Some of them have the head so it can be unattached, and reattached. Maybe you could throw the skimmer over the fence, grab the skimmer head through the fence, reattach it, and then try to skoop them up, and grab them through the fence. A little farfetched, but it might work.

Put a hemisphere the size of the ball on a long pole, and stick it through the pipe. with the cup side facing the pipe. Just hook the hemisphere around the ball, and pull into the pipe.

Nice idea! But it's too far away from electricity. I could use my inverter in my vehicle, I guess. Am trying to get permission, BTW, but it's kind of touchy.

. Hook a vacuum cleaner up to your PVC pipe. If the pipe is big enough, it will suck the ball towards the vacuum cleaner; if not the ball will "stick" to the end of the pipe and you can "reel it in." . Might be easier to get permission to enter the property. . Make sure you do not touch the balls until you have cleaned any oils from the poison ivy off.