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Basic equipment for a photography studio? Answered

What are some some light ideas that I can use for photography without having to purchase expensive equipment? Do not want to invest in photo equipment until I make sure it's something that I decide that I want to take seriously! Hope someone can give me some helpful advise!



5 years ago

Maybe its because I have been around it for so long, but when you say photography a huge field comes to my mind. There are so many facets ---- and your statement/question is pretty vague. Its kind of like saying you want to get involved in medicine but that is all you know. By a studio what do you mean? Do you want to only take pictures in a totally controlled environment? Do you have any idea as to the size of anything? Are you talking about film cameras with developing labs to service them or is all going to be digital and computer generated? It can go on and on. ----

A green screen and/or various backdrops would be a good idea along with good lighting. There are many rental/used places, so you can always work within your budget until you make some money and then figure out if you want to invest in higher quality items.

What I would do is visit a local photography/video equipment dealer to get a sense of all your options. Most smaller operations build their reputations by word of mouth and aren't going to steer you in the wrong direction to make a buck. So ask around and do additional research online.

Most of your equipment needs will be determined by your budget, your location and what you want to achieve.

I hope that helps.