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Basic lighting set-up Answered

I apologise in advance to all you keen photographers for my Absolute Novice status. I need to take photo's for my Instructables which are usually small-ish desk top items. Currently I am having problems with a dark (black paper) drawing in a glass frame, how do I get the details in the image without it bleaching out or flaring on the glass? I have a spacious work desk under a window, two cantilever lights, a centre room light, etc. I can only use whatever's available in my house because I never take pictures for any other reason. Any tips for a very grateful novice would be very welcome.( I'm a blank slate)



7 years ago

You might try a polarizing filter. They are usually used for outdoors pictures but they can also cut the reflection and glare from glass and such. Be aware though that it may not work with a flash but probably would with a flood light.
Another thing to do is to use a reflector. This is a big white piece of cardboard or foam board that reflects the light back onto your subject. It produces a very non glare light since it is diffused when its bounced off the white surface. Just make sure its true white otherwise it will change the color balance of the shot.
One more thing you can do is skip the camera altogether and use a scanner. You will need to remove the frame but you will get far better resolution than what you can get from a camera.

Thanks for your very good advice. I have scanned before. See. What do you like to draw ? And Authors. which has a couple.

I have finally made a light tent. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it, Thanks to all who gave advice, it's appreciated.
Photography- How I Turned a Soccer Goal into a Light Tent. Please check it out and add your comments.

Dear all. I have just finished my "Light Tent" but I fear I may never get good at photography. I also don't wan't to spend money on equipment. I will publish when I can, but I will apologise "still a novice".

I have finally found a form I can use for my light tent. I need it to be disassembled when not in use because I have a very limited space. Perhaps I will make an Ible about it. LOL : -)

Is there any extra knowledge required with the paper being black ? Any ideas for that particular picture to give it some wow? I want to make the first photo more appealing so people look beyond the start.

Tons of ibles on "light boxes" to take a picture of the object in the "tent". You may want to get in close at an angle to reduce glare and use macro mode on your camera without the flash. Have the background and side lights bright enough for a good shot. I guess you do not want to take the art out of the frame.

Yes, I remember seeing light boxes before, thank's I will re-look at them. What I'm trying to do is present a fairly simple drawing copied and re-coloured on black paper. By framing it and displaying it with the table, candles etc. I'm trying to beef up the wow factor, which I cannot get into my work. You are everywhere on this site, thank's a lot. Hi, to Caitlin.