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Basic single direction led chaser Answered

Hello everybody. I am a newbies in this world and I am a bit lost. I want to make a project witch is a single direction led chaser. ( 6 led blinking one after another from one to six then start from the beginning over and over). I found plenty of larson scanner nightrider style but those are all bi-directional. Since I don't know much about it, I would need someone to tell me what hardware that I need and maybe a plan of the circuit. I will use 6  orange ultra-bright  5 mm led  VF: 2.1V- 2.5V    VR: 5V.  I would like to know what resistor that I have to use with this setup. I've read about a 4017 ship but I don't know if it is the one that I need for my project. I know I will need a lot of hardware that I don't know the name and that is why I need  help. It will be on a car so it need to be on 12V. I will have to make my schema on a PCB board 1 inch X 10 inches. It would be good if i can adjust the speed too. Since it will be a car blicker/flasher, I don't know if I need to use blinking led or if regular bright led will do.
Sorry about my lack of knowledge(and my bad English), I am sure that I forget to mention a lot of detail so feel free to put me on the right track.
Thank you for your time people
PS: In the picture, we aiming for the 6 orange led. they have to blink one at a time from the left to the right over and over.

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rbrunet (author)2014-03-27

I am learning now and it is pretty cool. I have done my first circuit "LED chaser" on circuit wizard and it work.

I have to make it on a PCB now...

Thanks guys.

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G4224T (author)2014-03-26

a 4017 IC is a decade counter which would work. Each input pulse will sequentially switch a different output. When it reaches the last output, it starts again at the beginning. Its possible (i seem to recall) to only use 6 outputs by connecting the 7th output to the reset pin thereby cycling through only 6 outputs.

Any pulse type circuit could trigger the input although a 555 IC timer circuit would allow you to vary the time delay of the sequence.

Hope this helps.

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caitlinsdad (author)2014-03-25

You might want to look into "light chaser" circuits. Hardware based instead of a microcontroller like arduino to sequence the LEDs. Good luck.

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