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Batch files? Answered

Hey people! Just so you know, im sorta new at this whole 'computer' tech thing. I was wondering how i could learn how to write batch, VBS, HTML, and JAVAScript. Please help, thanks


Try to use html tutorials, and write all codes, scripts u read to see how they work

start with these commands @echo off of course, echo,pause,exit
I started with them echo=display message
pause=pauses it
exit=exit of course.
I am not very good but working my way up into set and if, bye.


great for all web design and vbs that's where I learned most of my html, css, javascript.

(hmmmmm) how do you make things big or small?

What? Do you mean text? Pictures? Tables? Webpages?

the text in these comments/forums/ect

Ok, will do thanks for that link, it really helped

Oh good! Make an Instructable if you can? L


9 years ago

One of the best ways of learning something is having a project that uses what you would like to learn, for example HTML+Javascript, try and find someone who would like a website made, or find something you're interested in to make a website about.

Anyway, one of the best places to learn HTML/Javascript is http://www.w3schools.com/, my advice is to learn some HTML, page formatting &c. then move onto CSS, CSS is what makes website beautiful, javascript only makes them fancy. ;-)
another good resource is Smashing Magazine

cool, thanks a lot

. Read a couple of tutorials to get you started, then look at other ppls' code. Change a line of code and see what happens. See if you can make it do something different.