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Battery Charger problem. How can I charge batteries while under load? Answered

Here is my initial set-up: Coil Rectifier 1K ohm resistor 3300 microfarad capacitor 32 bulb array of LEDs--4.5V @ .220mA 3 AA batteries Everything works except the batteries won't take a charge. What am I missing?


I may be completely wrong about this or be stating the obvious but I'm facing a similar problem but on a larger scale (12V power). It seems to me that in a charge/discharge setup like this the batteries are just another load connected in parallel with the main circuit and one with a fairly high resistance. All things being equal, the current would rather flow through the circuit than into the battery so you may have to increase the resistance on the outbound line.

The parts mean little without knowing how they're connected. Can you knock-up a circuit-diagram in e.g. MS Paint? L

I am assuming that the batteries and load are hooked up to a charging circuit. If the batteries are not being charged in this setup then I would assume that your circuit is pulling all of the electricity from the charging supply plus some from the battery. My suggestion would be to figure out how much power is being consumed by your load circuit and get a charging circuit that would be larger than that. This would allow the load circuit to run and the extra electricity would charge your batteries. This is assuming that there is not something in the load circuit design that is preventing the batteries from being charged.