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Battery powered guitar amp. for busking? Answered

I would like a guitar amp. for busking purposes that will run off a 12v battery (I have several SLABs).

Does anyone know of a suitable product or circuit design?



7 years ago

This Radioshack amp works pretty well for me. It runs off of 9 volts, not twelve, but for fifteen bucks, it's pretty good.

Look into the little gem amps.  Like from here.  Most are easy to build, sound great and cost little money.

That would be easily made. Use the circuit below and just a put in 1/4 inch mono jack at the input. THere are other higher quality ICs you could use, but the LM386 is only a couple bucks. Using an LM383 would also be a great choice. Here is a forum topic that may help you out: https://www.instructables.com/community/8-Watt-Guitar-Amp-Help/ Good luck!