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Bearings need replacing??? Answered

My saw has recently started dragging down during cuts, the harder the wood the more it drags. I have to feed the work piece very slowly. The first few years it never did that. I don't use it too often but it is 10 - 12 years old. It is a Delta table saw. The only maintenance I've done is cleaning out the saw dust and waxing the table.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-08-04

Is your blade sharp, and are you using the right type of blade?

Hard woods will take longer to cut as the blade has to work harder to cut through the material. However, you can make faster cuts by using a blade with a low tooth count. Tooth counts on blades are discussed in the first lesson, linked to the relevant part here.

A dull blade will also cut very slowly. Considering the table saw is 10-12 years old I'd say it's time to invest in a new sharp blade (and have a spare blade with a different tooth count as backup/to switch out when needed).

You might be right about your saws bearings, but a much easier and inexpensive solution could be just replacing the blade. Good luck!

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carl5blum (author)mikeasaurus2018-02-02

Hello: A new blade is a good idea. Plus if your old blade is straight steel do try carbide tipped blades. Even the cheap ones cut much better, and I once bought an expensive one with anti-vibrations slots, etc. Was that ever a great blade!
A different question: Is your saw dragging down during rip cuts? It could be the wood is closing down on the blade.

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