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Beautiful Crystal Covered Apartment Answered

Copper-sulfate crystals are lovely with their rich blue color. So lovely that artist Roger Hiorn completely covered the inside of an apartment in London with them. This was done by sealing it and pumping in 75,000 liters of supersaturated solution. After it had cooled and been drained off, the doors have been opened for visitors to come in two or three at a time.

This can only be done since the apartment was set to be demolished. Stop by before it closes on Nov. 30 and gets destroyed.




9 years ago

Can you really fill up the average apparent with water? I would have thought that typical construction wouldn't be up to the mass/pressure? Not to mention the difficulty of "sealing" it well enough...

Copper sulfate isn't that corrosive/poisonous. In some areas they still sell it as 'root killer' for dumping down your drain a pound or two at a time (it's supposed to kill the roots that are inclined to invade sewer pipes.) And it seems to be a byproduct of the PCB industry. Last time I looked at one of the industrial reuse sites, there were companies trying to give away copper sulfate solution (hmm. But not now. Perhaps copper has gotten too valuable...)

Wowie... most impractical though.... hate to wonder how long the line is if only a few people at a time go in...

That is so... Beautiful... Crystals EVERYWHERE!!!!

I wonder what he had done with the used corrosive liquid...

Good grief - how did he get permission for that? 75 tonnes of corrosive liquid, sloshing about urban London? Wow!

Copper-sulfate is corrosive? If he dumped the used liquid down the drains, more crystals would grow and jam up the system! And harm the marine life if the corrosive liquid made it to the seas...

I don't think you want to know...

Cupric sulphate, is that really corrosive? (I remember handling it in middle and high school chem classes).

How did he get permission, forget that. Where did he get so much Copper Sulfate??

Copper sulfate, hmmm... from what i can remember, you can dissolve them in water then if you throw in aluminum foil, you will get a violent exothermic reaction!

I think you're thinking of that household cleaner. Its not copper sulfate.

Really? i remember doing a lab in chemistry with it hold on, i have to find the worksheet that came with it...

Copper sulfate (or chloride) and aluminum does in fact produce a relatively violent reaction. After all, Aluminum will react substantially with plain water, if you interfere with the protective oxide layer...

i can't really create an oxygen-free environment to scape off the oxide layer, therefore, i didn't know that

Hmmm.....wonder if it's possible to lean on those walls...

Wow. That color, the crystals...how beautiful.

Gorgeous! Probably a good thing no one is living there anymore, though. :P

It IS pretty, though....

But then, that is one of my favorite colors too :-)