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Beauty in Science Answered

There is much beauty in the science world, although sometimes we have to really look hard, it is there. The history of such beauty is just touched on by NPR's Paging through history's beautiful science

Take a gander at the star chart below, the actual one has portions that can be rotated....


Well if it looks pretty, more people are going to want to see what it is, and take more time admiring the images, as opposed to reading something scientific

Yes. And hopefully, when those people "want to see what it is," they will have some curiosity about the science underlying the images. This is, for better or for worse, why astronomy and space science have substantially more public interest and public support than particle physics, or condensed matter physics, or plasma physics (indeed, probably more than all three of those put together). Astronomical images can be intrinsically beautiful and intriguing.

Maybe we need to put more effort into showing the beauty of say, particle physics?