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Because I know you like the word macro and cpu in the same sentence... Answered

I was bored today and thought I would get the Fuji film out and take some shots of these cpu's I just pulled out of some towers at the dump, hopefully I can get more soon to add to my collection, as far as I know these all appear to be in working order (nothing better then working art).

Anyways I may post more pictures later (this is my 4th F****** time writing this topic, apparently instructables has some rather SHODDY safari support....the cause of my many heated fustrations with this website, so the chance of me coming back later are slim).



9 years ago

Download Firefox. ;)

Why would you post an archived article from 95'?

Did you read the content of the article? Do you know the difference between visual graphical rendering and document content markup?

I do but.. I do prefer speed over usability.

At last, a fellow believer in the equality of all browsers before the eyes of html!

Doesn't FireFox conform to W3C better them many of the others? I may be all wet there

The W3C has guidelines for browser conformity, which Firefox does follow -- the browser renders all valid HTML constructions in a manner consistent with the HTML specifications.

But they also have guidelines for document production -- that is, how to properly use HTML to identify the structure and content of a document, not for attempting to graphically render a document in a specific way. Trying to use HTML for graphics is ultimately doomed to failure, since the author cannot possible know what kind of browser a user has, how it is configured, or even whether the browser is graphical, let alone visual, at all.

Firefox loads slowly compared to a lot of emerging browsers (Chrome for example)

Why didn't you make a slideshow? With all those pictures, it would have been rather simpler than a forum topic, and probably less frustrating(*)

  • I've already commented to Noah that their f-ing Javascript doesn't allow comments or replies outside of Firefox. Argh.

>Why didn't you make a slideshow? . I didn't know that we could make a slideshow on here (or do you mean something like what photobucket offers with their flash photo slide scripts). >I've already commented to Noah that their f-ing Javascript doesn't allow comments or replies outside of Firefox. Argh. . It usually does work in safari, sometimes it's less forgiving on certain days than others, I've also noticed that functionality changed with updates to my mac's software (safari mostly). It works in internet explorer fine on my pc, so if it can work in IE without crashing it, surely it should work in safari sans frustration??

Follow the Submit link in the header on any page. You'll see options for submitting a full Instructable, for slideshows, and for videos. Good luck!

Oh sweet! thank you, but is that a good idea to be just posting pictures that aren't even an instructable? Like they'll show up with the instructables won't they?

That's exactly what slideshows are for! A collection of pictures -- usually of a completed project, but your artwork is entirely appropriate -- which aren't really suitable for an I'ble. They're treated as a separate category.

On the main page, everything shows up together, but clearly labelled ("slideshow" or "video" banners over the thumbnail). If you follow the Explore link, you'll see that there are tabs to allow you to view just I'bles, or just Slideshows, or whatever.

If you look at my profile, you can see examples of both I'bles and Slideshows I've published.

You're welcome! And welcome to Instructables :-)

Welcome to instructables? I've probably been here long enough that I should be welcoming you :P

Heh :-/ Bad assumption (and lack of checking your profile) on my part. I'm surprised you didn't know about Slideshows having been here for almost two years, but no matter, the pics look great :-)

I didn't know they've been around that long! I just stray from certain parts of the website sometimes..

Hmm, I started here using Flock.....

Nice macros! Minolta XG-A camera, part of a hard drive, transformer coil, chunk of oxy cut steel


Pfft, those make my macro shots look like trash. Did you use a tripod?? I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to build one.

Nope. I used a lens from the minolta held in front of my canon 110sx and used my desk to lean against.

Lots of pictures, you guy's can't tell me it's hard to look at lots of pictures too!

why not just look at da desk instead ? there is a pentium 3 slot 1 machine right on it now and its powered on doing updates