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Bed hammock from the ceiling? Answered

Hey, I'm looking to add a hammock in my bonus room. I am going to use a tarp for the base and a comforter as a cover. My only question is, how can I hang a hammock you can sleep in into the ceiling or these corners?

Here is the room:




Use eye bolts screwed onto the ceiling joists.

Wouldn't the hammock still be more of a chair because it is hung from either end of the ceiling?

It would depend on how far apart you placed your eye bolts.

There are hammock websites that give the minimun distance required to hang a hammock. I use the J cargo hooks that take two screws into the wall studs.

As I previously mentioned, the room is 11 x 11 but by hanging the hammock diagonally it's closer to 12' span. When adjusting the hang, I find that if the middle of it hangs naturally about my hips, then it's about right when I sit down in it.

I sleep in a hammock which spans the 11'x11' room diagonally with cargo hooks placed about 6' from the floor. This height basically worked for my hammock, a Mayan, and adjustments can be made with the addition of carabiners. You should be able to sit in the hammock and you feet can still rest on the floor. By using a wide hammock the sleeper can sleep flattish by lying diagonally. It takes a few nights to get used to it but once that happens, there's no turning back. A 7'wide Mayan is definitely much more comfortable than a narrow camping hammock. To "make" the hammock the blankets are removed. I then tie a lace around the middle of the hammock. One end of the hammock can then be hooked on the other end which drapes now hangs down the wall. To keep it off the floor, I then hook the shoelace on the cargo hook, all neat and tidy.

hammoks are REALLY uncomfortable to sleep in!. Wrong shape.

Then you don't know how to hang or lay in a hammock. With a proper hang angle and correct positioning, hammocks are more comfortable than a bed.

We must agree to disagree then. Sleeping on my back doesn't agree with me.

i had a hammock in my room for a while. it was hung in the corner of the room using lag bolts with the eyebolt heads screwed into the wall studs. the bolts did bend in a bit from the weight but never pulled out or did any damage to the wall structure even with two people in it.


7 years ago

Thanks. So you're saying if I place my eye bolts far enough apart, the hammock would not take a chair shape?

What DIYoutdoorsman said. For "eye bolts", you want to use lag screws with eyebolt heads. If you have easy access to your attic/crawlspace, you could use a long bit and drill through the joists and use standard 5/16" eyebolts with washers on both sides.