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Bee hive? Answered

How do I build a natural bee hive


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rickharris (author)2011-12-09

Interestingly (or not) if you move bees you have to move them over 3 miles away from home because they navigate by landmarks and will return to their original home if they recognize the area.

So if you want to move them 1/2 a mile you first have to move them 3 miles for a few weeks then move them back to their new home.

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Vyger (author)2011-12-08

Its the bees that actually build the hive, all you would do is provide a containment for them. A hive can be constructed anyplace the bees can find shelter, such as a hole in a tree or a little cave. They stick wax to the walls and construct the honeycomb pattern. In urban areas I have seen them make hives inside walls of buildings. All they need is a way in and out and a empty space to take over.
You can make any kind of containment but it should meet their needs. In order to keep a queen in the hive and therefore make it a hive you need to restrict the size of the opening so the workers can get through but the queen cannot. If you plan on harvesting honey then you will need a way of opening it up with out doing a lot of damage. The design of a standard commercial hive box is intended to meet all these needs. It would probably work best to use one of those and then add decoration to make it look like it fits in a natural setting.

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canucksgirl (author)Vyger2011-12-08

I saw this question earlier and I was left speechless. I think I know what their asking, but at the same time I don't....

Like you said, the bees do all the work so I had no idea how to answer this, but I'm glad someone did.

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