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Beeping Eggs for the Visually Impaired? Answered

Hi everyone, this is my 1st post, - long time lurker :)

Basicly, this is easter related somewhat, though I know late :p
but I was reading a family friends blog that is about the process she is going thu of adopting a little boy who is visually impared...

long story short, she found these eggs:           http://www.maxiaids.com/store/prodview.asp?idproduct=7880

that beep so they can be found.    problem is : their $18!!  each!   and I think thats alot, for a kid who just wants to have fun on easter.
Anyways, could these not be made cheaper? I am not techno savy like many of you out there. I can craft with the best... but I dont know how i'd made these, and i'd love to for next easter when my friend has her new son :)

any suggestions? thanks alot :)

(i hope i posted this in the right section, and this hasnt been done already, i looked i promise!!)


Why not put one of those whistle-triggered keyrings in or beside the egg?

That would work wonderfully for one egg. Unless they are set at different frequencies (trip) they'd all go off at once (unless seperated by a decent enough area), wouldn't they?


7 years ago

Okay, I'm lost here, an Easter egg that makes a sound for a hearing impaired child? Did you mean to say visually impaired or am I missing something?

thats a great idea too! thanks :D

Yes, I assume the commercially sold eggs have a mechanism in them similar to the Annoy a tron (Think Geek) but they beep continually rather then just every once in awhile.....and yes, the circuit is a "little" complex, especially if you need the beep loud enough to be heard plainly....from inside of something....i.e. a preamplifier at very least with the timer circuit.

After saying all that, a LM555 timer circuit, a small pre-amp, and piezo speaker  (and a beeper souce as Burf mentions) and you are golden.  This will still run a few dollars however, you should be able to put it all together for "just" a few dollars :-)   I recently bought 5 piezo discs from Edmund Scientifics, postage free, for around $7  

LOL yes sorry. i completely missed that. yes visually impared.

What an interesting product! Definitely worthy of an instructable.

$18 does sound expensive. The description wasn't clear, but I assume that these start beeping at a constant rate once the switch is turned on. If that is the case, a simple 555 timer type of circuit to turn on a buzzer could be used. If you are new to electronics, that type of circuit is a very common beginner type project and there would be abundant examples returned by a google search.
Most tutorials on the 555 timer include circuits for producing various beeps and siren sound effects.

If you wanted to go a step further, I could see using a small microprocessor to produce all kinds of additonal effects, such as a variable output frequency to the tone, random timing between beeps, etc. These would be easy to do with a low cost micro.

At the very least, I would think it would be desirable to have the eggs use different frequencies, so as not to confuse the kids.

Of course, when comparing the cost effectiveness of buying versus DIY, you have to consider the value of your own time. The cost of parts would definitely be nor more than about $5 for either a 555 timer or microprocessor based circuit. A person would want many of these if you are doing an egg hunt for a bunch of visually impared kids. But if you have the inclination to learn how to construct the circuits this would be a very satisfying effor, knowing you could help kids.

awesome! that sounds exactly what i need to do. I dont mind spending my time at all. Thanks- ill start googling now :D