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Beer Battleship Answered

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this.  I want to make a portable Beer Battleship game for my friends coming home party.  I attached and image of the basic setup for the game. I need some input on how I could make this setup portable.

I would want three pieces of plywood that stack together with hinges at the bottom.  When you opened the game up two pieces would lay flat on the table with the middle piece sticking straight up at a 90 degree angle.  I just can't think of how I can make it stand up straight while still making it portable.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



8 years ago

Awesome, you guys gave me great ideas.  One more question.  When it's all put together I want to use tape to mark out the grid.  Is there something I can spray over the finished product that is clear that will protect the tape?

Since it looks like you're going to be marking off hits and misses, why not get some blackboard or whiteboard paint and mask the lines when you paint, that way the lines will be the background colour underneath the black/whiteboard paint and you can use chalk/pens to mark.

I was thinking about that too.  Maybe even painting the center board with some of that paint that you can stick magnets to and then having a bunch of red and white magnets.

Use a "lid support" (search Google).  There are fancy ones and simple ones.  You've probably also seen them used for holding open the legs of card tables.

That would definitely be the best looking option.  Although that might not fold flat. 

You could drill holes at angles and use a dowel as a prop.  But i would cut right triangles out and have them attached to either side of the center piece of plywood with a hinge.  so they could fold flat or be rotated 90 degrees to support the center panel.

You also could use two triangles with a notch in them (or any other attachment system you want) that the center piece stands up in or is braced with.  This way you could have 4 layers stacked pretty flat.

Here's a little prototype made with post-it notes.


8 years ago

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