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Beer cap coffee table need hinges Answered

So i want to make a coffee table/beer pong table.  like this 

So it is going to be 3' x 8' and i want to have 2 sets of legs underneath of it.  A short set for the coffee table and another set that are taller to use it as a beer pong table, or just a regular table for that matter.  

So my main question is where can i find locking hinges for the Table legs?  I have found some, but don't seem to be very heavy duty.  I want them to be able to lock the legs in the horizontal position to hide them under the table while the other legs are locked in the vertical position.

Also does anybody have any suggestions for cheap fiberglass or resin to coat the bottle caps.  Didn't realize how expensive the stuff is.  Cheaper is better.   


Rather than locking hinges, why not use catches to hold the ends of the legs in place?

What would hold them in the vertical position then? I don't want someone to just walk by and accidentally catch their foot on a table leg and kick it out from under the table.

Ordinary folding tables often don't have catches to hold the legs "up" - they just fold down and then outwards slightly, so they are slightly splayed (like a letter "A"), and the weight of the table holds them firm.

Most folding tables i know of have supports that lock into place so the can't be moved unless the brace is folded up. And i don't want this since i want a cleaner look then having braces going to my legs.

Have you thought instead of extendible legs?

You could use tubes-within-tubes, locked in the longer position by a pin through holes, a DIY version of this:


ya i have thought about something like that, but would like to keep it an all wood look.

Build square wooden tubes?

Box in the legs at their short length?