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Before I can start to build the internals... Answered

Before I can start to build the internals, I need to know what the people want. What kind of ammo? Who wants a sear, who prefers block? Who want a breach and bolt, who want a magazine, who wants a hopper? Mounted shotgun? Let me hear any other requests.


make it so it shoots two at once one from the mag and one from a hopper

u are right on the hopper is a stationary mag but a hopper is actualy a gravity fed mag.

Don't mean to be harsh, but that looks quite bad :(.

Sear trigger, bolt, magazine with oodammo, and a mounted shotgun.

Looks like the battle rifle from halo!

first i think you should adjust the height to make it smaller, it is ugly.

I think a magazine and well the same as knexgunner12

i perfer sear,ajustable stock,magazine,and shotgun mount please i hope this isnt to mutch to ask