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Before Upgrade? Answered

I 'm really happy with your tutorial, would you teach me how to create rings or jawerly with FeatureCam?

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Autodesk MakeBest Answer (author)2017-07-24

We're glad that you have enjoyed the class!

While FeatureCAM does not include any jewelry-specific tools, the 3D or 'surface milling' strategy tutorials found both in the FeatureCAM Standard, and FeatureCAM Premium classes may be of use to you. FeatureCAM's 3D strategies will enable you to machine a variety of complex shapes, including jewelry molds. If you are wanting to machine your jewelry molds on a lathe with live tooling, then keep an eye out for our FeatureCAM Turning class that should be released shortly!

All that being said, I also recommend that you take a look at another product offering of ours, ArtCAM Premium. ArtCAM Premium is a single solution for designing and making in the engraving industry. It gives users high quality and precise tools to use for design, simulation and manufacture to ensure that you can produce detailed relief work on a variety of materials. ArtCAM Premium includes tools specific to the jewelry industry, and would likely be of great use to you!

We are currently working on an ArtCAM Premium training class, however in the mean time, if you would like to begin exploring the world of ArtCAM, I recommend that you start with our ArtCAM Standard class. If you have any questions specifically about using ArtCAM, or if you would like to further explore ArtCAM's capabilities, visit our online forum community!

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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