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Before you vote... Answered

Before you vote... Voting begins in less than an hour, and all the entries look great. But before you vote, I encourage everyone to remember the purpose of this contest. To make a gift for our deserving moms. While some of the entries are really awesome instructables and good examples of sewing, they are not exactly something I would give my mom as a gift. Remember the spirit of the contest, and get out there and vote!


Why did you post this, have you an entry under a different user name? L

I might appear to be a likely candidate for posting this (based on my very mom-specific entry in the contest), but this wasn't me.

The contest was very clear that all you had to do was use fabric, needle and thread.

(This sounds like someone who really wants that new sewing machine!)

Mmm, it's in the judging stage right now isn't it? (obviously Mr BlackJack wasn't interested in discussing anything - just wanted to push a contest-related opinion) L

Yep. I saw this comment and thought "Yikes--I've got a really mommy-ish entry, i hope they don't think this was me." Cyber paranoia, I guess... or I'm really bored at work. Hmmm.

That's my guess...one that is more for moms and less on the awesome scale.


9 years ago

I am not sure why you posted this. All of the entries to the contest were pre-approved by the host as appropriate. If something is not to your personal taste, that is why you have a vote, Everyone who entered, obviously thought differently and would give their mom that gift. The spirit of the contest embraces sewing and gifts, and certainly puts no restrictions I can see on diversity.