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Best 3D game engine? Answered

I've been wanting to make my own game for quite a while, but I have limited programming skills and mediocre 3D modeling talent (but I'm getting better :)). So I was wondering if anyone knows of a good game engine that is fairly modern (i.e. bloom, HDR, physics, etc.) but is easy to use, so I don't have to dig in to too much code. I'm taking a C++ class at the moment but I expect it to be a while before I'm proficient enough to code games. I've considered modding a Source game, any pros/cons I should be aware of? Other than that I've tried FPS Creator X10 (a little too far on this side of easy) and Sauerbraten (Sauerbraten I like, but unfortunately it's not for standalone games). Also, preferably the engine would be free, I'm not made of money. Thanks in advance.



8 years ago

 Try going to devmaster.net. They have a list of game engines. You can even search for engines with features you need.

You should look into an engine called Esenthel. It's reasonably easy to use and has insane graphics for a free engine. It's free for non-commercial use.

That looks awesome, thanks for pointing it out.  So far I've been using Unity 3D and Blender, I like Blender a lot but Unity... not so much.  I'll download the free version and give it a spin.