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I'm not positive I'm entirely right on this, so if I'm wrong, don't jump down my throat. Thanks.

When you reply to someone (I usually do something like, "Thanks,") on a question you've asked, it counts that comment as an answer to go towards your Best Answer Percentage. I don't think this is fair because: 1.) There is no way you can select your answer as a Best Answer (I would never do this, though), and 2.) It goes towards your Best Answer Percentage. In addition to routinely submitting to instructables, I also try to improve my stats (total views, comments, subscribers, ect.). So, my Best Answer Percentage (in addition to many other's %, I assume) has gone down because our answers on our own questions count towards the Best Answer Percentage. Instructables staff, if you could change this, I would be very appreciative. Thanks!


Are you a professional baseball player, by any chance? Those are the only people I know of for whom statistics actually have any influence on their life, or how other people perceive them.

Stats heavily influence my professional life too.

Well, okay, statistics (especially Bayesian statistical analysis :-) influence my profession as well.

So that's 4, baseball players, engineers and physicists. And Ible Answerers.

>Those are the only people I know of for whom statistics actually have any influence on their life

Coming from a professional physicist, I'm disappointed. ;)

I'm looking into if this is what we do, and if there's a way around it. I'll let you know.

Hi, Matt. I suspect it's a bug in the same backend code which drives the e-mail notifications which tell you someone has responded to "your question" when they're just replying to a comment.

Thanks! I suppose you could always delete your comments...

Why does it bother you?
They're just statistics, and not very important really.


I just like boosting them up a little bit. Just like the levels of instructables you have posted. I'm at green now, and I'd like to be at red, and then finally orange.

Who you are is not measured by statistics, people who know you know your real values.
Our internet-proxies are expressions of ourselves, but don't value numbers too highly over what you actually post.


See what Professor Brian O'Blivion says (at the end) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qul-rDvU9QI

I think that posting good instructables is the most important thing, but good instructables bring about views, comments, subscribers, and being featured. These are all "stats". The other "stats" are about forum topics and answers, which I like to be actively involved in. I think that all of the things are important, which bring good "stats".

Yes, good instructables are the most important thing. I've got one planned for the weekend...


So, if you enter into a discussion on a question, each post is counted in the stats?

If you're a stat-driven member, that's a big owie!

Yep, I'm gonna need a big band-aid.

Yes, the more you help the worse it gets, since follow up help counts against you !