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Best Laptop? Your Vote! Answered


So as the title says.....

What do you reckon is the "Best laptop" ?

You can post the exact model of which you think is the best.

Also do this :

Best laptop in:

Budget : ( answer)

High spec : (answer)

And what do you guys think is the best laptop brand?

( can only choose from options listed ! )

- Dell
- Apple (macbook)
- Sony VAIO
- HP
- Acer
- Toshiba
- Vadim
- Gateway
- Asus


Apple (i'm getting one soon)

Lol. Could you do the POLL ... I just wanna know your answer.

Fine Budget: EeePc High spec: Alienware Manufacturer: Asus

I like asus aswell.


Have you got an EeePc ? Are they good?

I heard they are easily hackable. As in putt Modd-abble programs on it. Hav you done that? What do you use your Eee Pc for? E.g school work ,gaming...

Mainly to take to school to use their wireless network wherever I am, but I surf t'interweb on it a lot. Nah I haven't modded it yet, but i'm considering adding an 8gb USB flash drive internally.

Nah I have a Toshiba satellite pro something, it's trashy and I only really use it for saving things and for occasional DVD watching.

LOL. But whats your fave laptop outa the 2? Have you ever played a game on the Asus EEE?

You can't really game on it, it's not the point to be honest. My favourite is the EEE, it's just such a handy bit of kit to have.


10 years ago

Use process elimination, go for what specs you want, and in the price range. ;-) ...and then take the plunge

I've got a "desktop replacement" laptop.... And honestly, I don't plan on replacing it with another "desktop replacement." My next laptop will be for mobility - that's what it's primary function should be anyway :p Not sure how that translates into current products as I'm not in the market :p Just thought I'd add my .02 dollars :)

Sony VAIO. Are supposed to be good.