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Best Oodammo Pistol Nominations *read or dont' reply* Answered

Alright so I wanted to settle this very simply. Our good buddy Knex lover is willing to build quite a few oodammo pistols, test them personally, and then do a quick, short review of all of them.
The process is simple. The MeZak is pretty much a given so I'm going to just put that on the list right away. The next few guns will be chosen by you, the knexers.
Nominate any oodammo pistol you wish as long as you give a fair reason for why. You may choose a couple if you wish. Anyone who nominates their own weapon must also pick another as well. They do not have to be posted yet as long as they will be eventually. 3 nominations are required to get on the list. The 5 with the most nominations will be selected.

1. MeZak
2. TBOS (5)
3. OodAst 3.6 (3)
4. Jamoodassault (3)
5. EAP (3)


what is a Jamoodassault?

Why does TD allow unposted guns with pictures in?  Knex_lover can't just build a gun from one pic.

He managed my oodassault 3.6. He managed my BAW with a couple extra. He managed quite a few other guns I'm sure. If he's stuck I'm sure he'll get some help. As for Jammy's gun I heard from him that it's still not fully operational so it might be ditched if he doesn't hurry up and fix it soon.

I got it working with removeable mags, I might post but I have a feeling it might not be worth it. My next one will have the idea which we discussed on MSN ;)

Those guns are rather simple and you can use other posted guns as reference. 

It's on the last step of Jammy's latest 'ible.


jackal v4

The list is final.


8 years ago


c'mon we just need one more. Unless KL really feels like building more.

Dude, he has enough parts to build every oodammo pistol in existence.  Why not have him build them all and have him give his input.

1. I'm not one to know but he probably only has so much patience. Even if I had the pieces I wouldn't build every single one of them.
2. Some would obviously do worse. My older oodassault for example is pretty much obsolete. About the only thing it has is very low piece consumption.
3. Most of us know that and don't really care to see the reviews they get. KL might make a video and I don't want half of it to be suckish guns.

I'm just cutting right to the chase. What does everyone think are the best oodammo pistols? Alright we'll test those.

I want to say why I think this contest is screwed up:

-Why does MeZak get special privileges?  I think it should be voted for like everything else is.
- Why do you need to nominate guns?  Let's just have people vote for their favorites, screw nomination.  If a gun is that good then a bunch of people will just vote for it.
- So you'll allow guns that only have one picture and no real instructions in?  I'm not questioning this, but I'm just asking.

Because this isn't a contest...dur. The real "contest" happens when KL builds and compares all of them. All this is doing is selecting the guns you guys want to be compared. The MeZak is arguably or at least was at the time the best oodammo pistol. It makes a solid control for the experiment. Don't get your bling in a knot.

You know what I mean, I just didnt feel like taking the time to think of a word that would better describe this than "contest".

No I don't know what you mean because I see no reason to freak out about something. We're not voting on which gun is the best. We're nominating guns for KL to build. Maybe I should remake the thread title so people will actually read.

Oh ok.  Why not have knex lover make all the guns, he has enough parts. 

KL=Me, knex_lover. =P

That knex_lover is building and testing them.

That was my whole plan all along...he's telling you that when I said KL I meant him.

I already knew that, so it was pointless.

Why do you guys always insist on telling me about stuff I either already know about, or don't care about anyways?  It's a waste of time and it annoys me.

What makes you think they know what you already know or don't care about?

In this case, I mentioned Knex Lover's name BEFORE he posted his comment.  So they MUST know.

My question was not referring to the above argument, but more a general question in response to your general statement of:

"Why do you guys always insist on telling me about stuff I either already know about, or don't care about anyways? "

I don't really know, I'm just tired of people repeating stuff in my face.  It's been happening a lot lately lol.  Sorry for sounding so agitated there.

You told me that knex lover should do it when I already planned on that. I said that KL would do it. Because of that, it appeared that you didn't know who I meant by KL because you told me that knex lover should do it. We then tried pointing out that KL meant knex lover so that you could make the connection.

Sigh... I meant that Knex_lover should make all the oodammo guns made instead of 5 nominated ones, hence the "He has enough parts" comment.  I knew who you meant by KL.

I'm sorry, I should have worded that better.

I still would like the correct number. :-)
Well right now it would look like tbos is in first place if you count the votes.

...how many times do I have to say this isn't a competition? I'm just gathering 5 guns that the most of us agree to wanting to be compared by KL. It doesn't matter how many people nominate your gun. It matters what KL thinks.

Killer~SafeCracker's TBAP or TBOS are both brilliant pistols.
As for my Jamoodassault, you can't build it yet because it has no instructions. Yet.

As long as you will post it eventually it doesn't matter if it's not posted.

Do you have an MSN or anything like that? I just feel like collaborating with someone.

Yeah. dunk_da_sully_punk@hotmail.com or thedunkis on skype.
Did you want to nominate your oodammo pistol as well?

Yeah, I'll nominate it. I won't be on MSN for a while, christmas and all. But yeah, I'll try and contact you.

TBOS, It's a strong gun that uses few pieces.


8 years ago

Oh, and we should probably elaborate on this, this is for repeaters only.... Right?

Yeah I was hoping that would have been just assumed from the start.

I vote for Mezak