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Best Quick Security 1Day to 3Day to raise a T-mobil System.. Answered

After my daughter's home robbery only one member tried to help and now it is a bit too late..

The co$tly $ecurity company got the in$tall $tarted and then (annoying) I could not even delete this comment...

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Omnivent (author)2018-02-06


Not sure what precisely you mean, but an older Android smartphone with an app that responds to whatever sensor that you want to use and with a data plan, should be enough to dial what numbers you want in succession and play a pre-recorded message to whoever picks up.
The phone could be on charge 24/7, just using the probably just as old battery as a UPS.

If she has got a land line, it could be used as well, but would need a dialler system.

But maybe I didn't get what you're after
In any way, I get the feeling you must both have.


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iceng (author)Omnivent2018-02-06

Yes thats close..
I will UPS a bunch of sensors wire doors, windows, halls, driveway, temperature, sound, light switches, floor step emanations, sound and IR fast changes that exceed a threshold and then activate a silent alarm...
Easy, but I do need help with a FOOL-PROOF non-wire iPhone call to a service and warning to all family iPhones...

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RJF (author)iceng2018-02-25

One way if the phone is landline is to put the outside phonebox in a metal lockbox, then connect the lockbox with a large iron pipe, put the pipe at least a few feet into a concrete tube into the ground filling with concrete. The outside phone wire is fed into the iron pipe and up to the lockbox. The phone company has to contact your daughter to unlock the lockbox for service. With a large iron pipe, ie gas pipe, they have to saw the pipe before getting to the phone cable. Add a security alarm to the lockbox door and a loud outdoor alarm, any tampering with the door and they have to break in while the alarm is screaming. I have even put loud alarms in the place which they have to put up with while trying to rip her off. Very imtimidating. RJF teachmetoo@prodigy.net

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iceng (author)RJF2018-02-25

Appreciate your help and info.

Specifically those loud alarms !

Where would I look for such loud alarms ?

Thanks again

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iceng (author)2018-02-09

Starting to look into cross security wifi with a neighbor to post messages to Yahoo and the iPhone/Android to note a message...
That way cutting cable won't disable a target home invasion because the neighbors wifi carries a silent alarm !

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iceng (author)2018-02-07

Still need a pointer to a great ible that helps me send a silent alarm to an iPhone on a switch closure..

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