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Best Side Arm Answered

Alright we need entries for my best side arm contest at ibeatyou. Even if you don't want to enter it would help if you voted once we do have more entries...and if you're curious enough you can see and listen to me...ooo meeting TheDunkis that has to be awesome right? Guess not...
Competition Link
I don't care what you say here. Sure discuss whatever you want here although the real discussion is there I'm just inform those of you who haven't joined. I would join if you haven't. Knexperts like dsman, I_am_Canadian, and Jollex have already joined me.


I like the mini-er TDS, or that one by Oompa Loompa.

Lol hey you should feel proud you at least did make something that could compete against the MRS. I'm still making a video of comparing the two although I already destroyed it to make another gun so I'll have to put it on hold. I'll be entering the TDS2 Soon enough.

lol...that really did make me lol.

In all serious that was just my name for the Mini-er TDS but I just dropped it and stuck with Mini-er TDS

Also just because this thread is about side arms I'm going to mention I made a new, more compact version of the DMS. Don't know why I did but it looks pretty cool with a touch of TD's style.

I made a movie. Nothing special but I figured I might as well show it along with my shot pistol anyways.

Oh. I don't really like rap. A few songs are okay, but Eminem has to be the best.

Just my other name for the Mini-er TDS. Mini Repeating Side Arm. I just want to keep them short so I made that up a little while ago.

I was thinking about entering the MRS (my new name for it- Mini Repeating Side arm) but I think of it as another category; too small to be considered a good side arm. Thanks though. I was planning a video to compare the OKP and the MRS.

What is that thing in your avatar, it's been bugging me for ages!

TD??? TheDunkis - TD...

Big Z

9 years ago

My vid is finaly up on the side arm competition, i had a hard time getting the video to load, but i finaly did. sooo.... rate it qwik, theres not much time left.

TDS2 was added!! Take a peak at the first video. Meh nothing too special but I consider the TDS one of the top side arms in almost every stat except power and that was fixed along with a couple other things in the TDS2...except for a cool name. Just click the comp. link and it should be the lastest enty. Please join and rate!!

COOL! I watched your newest video on IBY. Both those guns looks sweet as! Please post!

The TDS2 will be posted in a little bit and the glock will be posted when trauts starts a colab. with me.

Big Z

9 years ago

How do i enter the contest? i made an ibeatyou account but i cant figure out how to enter.

Sigh...Just go to the contest you want to enter and click the compete button.

I did, it just relaods the page. btw, srry it took so long to reply; I was out of town.

Big Z

9 years ago

Hi, Im new here but Ive been reading the instructables for quite a while now. I was wondering if I could put my gun in the contest?


Well the basic design of the back including how the trigger is used and the basic design of how the handle is connected is mine. Trauts borrowed it from me. Yes the rest seems pretty original.

Oh, kk. Well i guess it is ur handle then, sry. anyway heres the updated pic w/ mag:


Yeah sure. Looks awesome. It's like a super compact sub-machine gun.

Hmm looks like a gun based off of my designs but sure it looks pretty cool. Remember you'll need to sign up on ibeatyou.com too and enter there.

Big Z

9 years ago

Nah, all mine exept the hadle; thats from Traut's mp40.

mine will be the best muhohoho... i just need to make one

Hmm I still don't see trauts or FG in it. Even though the Glock is based on my gun it was modded to have looks so I'll let it slide. I'd let people vote on if sa21 should be alloud to include his but he deleted the instructable and most likely destoryed the gun...

I don't have a camera god dammit! I need one

How do you take your pitures then?! Most cameras have a record feature... Don't tell me you're like every other knexer and just somehow lose/break your camera at the very moment something important is happening.

I can't break it, it's my moms lol. I'll ask her if it can.

...C'mon I know for sure some of you have guns available and ready but no one has entered anything...don't be camera shy.

Man you're greedy... Sorry I only put them for examples I wasn't trying to make a list...

a side arm doesnt have to be a pistol right? as long not rifle?

Well when we say side arm we generally mean an Assault Pistol because it can play the roal of a repeating weapon but as the size of a pistol. However I will allow bigger weapons but nothing bigger than like my MP5k or the BBKWG. Put it this way size is a big stat for the side arm in my contest.

ah i will start building and see how long it will be...

Still need some entries. C'mon. I have prizes in mind... I was hoping to keep it secret to reward those who decided to join.

darn, i can't enter. don't have a video camera. it looks like you got this one wrapped up.

Oh c'mon man. It's going on for 3 months don't you think you could get/barrow one within that time?

Almost all handheld cameras have a video feature... Thats how I make my videos, and thats why they are so pixely.