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Best adhesive for securing plastic enclosure to silicone surface? Answered

I am getting a silicone rubber skin/case for my Kindle in order to make a custom mount.  In addition I need to put a compartment on the back of the case to house some electronics components.  It will be put inside of a plastic enclosure, so I need to figure out how to secure that plastic enclosure to the back of the silicone case.  I was thinking of using Velcro, but I don't know if that is secure enough, or if the adhesive backing is strong enough for either the plastic or silicone surfaces.  What would be the best kind of adhesive in this situation?


the best one as of me would be fevi bond !!!


It shows two elephants trying to pull apart a presumably Fevibond.

Paul where can I find this product please ?



3 years ago

Use a silicone RTV like GE and cast a pocket to your skin/case which should adhere silicone to silicone.

You can accelerate curing by moist heat.

I put a tray of water in the oven at warm with my castings for 2 hrs.

What do you mean by cast a pocket?

Downunder35m is correct silicone sticks to silicone.

Casting is forming your electronics compartment shape out of RTV and curing it to your Kindle silicone case.

I found silicone can sometimes cure, ie glue, to silicone.

I think what he is trying to say is that not much will stick to silicone, except silicone and some special glues.

Making a complete mould for your silicone case will ensure it stays in place.