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Best and Favorite Knex Creations Answered

I have been using knex probably for over 10 years and I have built a ton of different weopons and things but a fwew stick out. I do love my new transformers but my best work was a wearable mech suit. The boots could hold over 200 lbs and covered the whole body. My favorite was an AT-AT from starwars where if you hit the underbelly of the walker the head falls off and it drops to the floor like the movie one. I want to know people Best and favorite knex creations over the years.


why did you never post your real and best knex transformers you have made

I could post some of my trasnformers. I just wish I took pictures of some of the things I built growing up. I built so many crazy things.

I made a spectacular knex pinball machine a while back (long before I came to 'ibles). I got a picture of it, but the photo kinda sucks...


wast that a set? I could of sworn I got that set a long time ago but didn't end up keeping it.

It was not a set... I made it up myself. There was a pinball machine set however, though it looked not so high in quality.

Really? It looked like a lot of.. paper. I never got it, so I would not know really, I guess.

The playing surface was made of paper, not knex.

Actually, it was a big hunk of plastic with a sticker on it. Last knex set I ever bought.

Last knex set I bought was never ago :-D I had it all given to me.

Doesn't have any in the picture:O

OOPS I thought we were talking about the knex pinball machine from knex.com, right?

I believe you it just looked very similar to that set, anyways it would be nice if i had photographic evidence of half the crap i created over the years. Nicely done anyways.

Wel this is my Knex Spitfire and i hope you like it


thats really cool, I like the design. How long did it take you to build it?

I think 5 days for the first version of it after that i improved it a little that took long just to get the look of a spitfire in it. Then i broke it down a year later i picked it up again and rebuild it out of 6 pictures. Did some more improving and then i posted it but still i don't know how the weels to fold in. These are the first and the second version, the last picture is of the second version


ow and the 4th picture than i was only buzzy for 2 hours and was quite far already

i've jest made my transformer: thundercracker!. I don't have pics yet but I can still make the figure with paint.

that alot of work is it. check out mines

I loved your transformers, though the only one I could make was frenzy. I'm not going to get into guns though.

This wasnt a transformer only thread just want to know if anyone had things that they build that they were proud of which means not using instructions to build it.

thank you, but you do have some good stuff to be proud of, aside from me you did create an original knex transformer which came out great