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Best camera housing design? Answered

Anyone have a very good way of making the camera housing, please contribute... this is my design, but it is rather heavy..



9 years ago

Does "heavy" matter? You probably need to add additional weight to get to neutrally buoyant anyway; all that air...

well, if your putting your camera in a housing it should be positively buoyant,so that it dasnt sink if you drop it. (especially if it's and expensive cam)

? ROV cameras and expensive and are usually positive or neutral b-howyaspellit.


9 years ago

If you ask me, get a wide piece of PVC and put a camera in there. Get 2 PVC caps, glue one to the back with PVC cement. Drill a huge hole on the other cap and glue a piece of plexiglass on it and seal with marine sealant. Glue the window cap to the front of your housing and there you go.

I really should get around to make one for my cameras (full sized SLRs)

I happened upon a whole box of mechanical remote shutter release buttons, if I make one I'll use them on various controls, so I have almost full control over the camera... I've been meaning for ages to pick up a rubbishy little DV cam to recase in to something invincible and tough...

yeah, you could run the shutter remote(its nt wireless is it?) through the case. And keep it nice and sealed.

Yeah, but the focus and aperture rings would be a pain (I'm talking about 35mm film SLRs here)

Aye I haven't thought of anything for the focusing rings but I have a 70-210mm and a 35-70mm that both slide in and out rather than twist so I'd be able to use AF and have zoom without a really complicated casing... Both of those lenses are made for 35mm though, I'm not sure how well it'd all work with the canon though, it's very bulky as is and an expensive bit of kit, I might attempt a case for the Olympus first before attacking the big job... though it has it's own issues such as the lens extending a hell of a way for the size of the camera and the fiddly controls, on the other hand it has a large screen. I do have an old underwater 35mm camera somewhere...

one way i saw was to use a rubber glove finger glued (waterproof)through the case, so you could use that to press the shutter button.

yeah, that woulde cool, but eh hard thing is making an easy way to controll the camera while its under water..