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Best knex creations of 2010 Answered

So another year has rolled by.  Many new things were posted, some were pretty good! 

Now I am hosting a community contest to see what people liked the most.  There are 3 categories, and you can select up to 3 creations for each category (You don't have to pick 3 if you don't want to).  So you can pick your top 9 most favorite creations of the year.  The categories are:

Best overall Knex gun

Best Knex replica

Best non-gun.

You can select a creation to go in more than 1 category.  For example, if you thought a knex replica of a real life rollercoaster was good, you could vote for it in the "Best knex replica" and "Best non-knex gun" categories.

There are some restrictions of course.  The creations you vote for HAVE to have a post date of 2010.  Preview pictures can be posted earlier than that, but they have to be posted this year.  Also, you cannot pick a gun that you made.  For example, I cannot vote for my Halo Battle rifle to go in "Best knex replica".  If the creation you vote for came from a site outside of Instructables or KI (like Youtube), you will need to provide a link for it.

What are you waiting for?  Get voiting!  I'm giving away patches to the top 3 winners in each category, plus a patch for my personal favorite, which makes 10.  Voting ends Monday, January 24, which gives you 3 weeks to vote.


1. Handle pump TR8
2. rec0n's Barrett 3.5, Selez's Dragonov
3. Metropolis, Cataclysm or coin sorter

Barret 3.5? No, sorry :S Even mines is better hahaha
What about THE SWAGBOSS???


7 years ago

knex gun:
Swagboss (I made it, friggin awesome)

aaaargh forget the name (Mr. Stealth's replica, not springfield ad not a dragunov, but...?)
Barrax' AK47 is pretty good too.


Mr. Stealth's gun was posted in 2009, it doesn't count. Pick something else.

ooooh wait, sorry I didn't taught of that at all. :D stupid me


7 years ago

best gun
#1 knex crossbow v1.2
#2 LOSA pistol
#3 twin mag pistol
#4 knex mag fed shot gun
#5 h&k m4

And Senior waffleman's SL8

My Votes:

Best overall Gun:
>Handle Pump TR8 (Oodalumps)
>Kinetic Rifle (Kinetic)
>Kinetic's Semi Auto (Kinetic)

Best Replica:
>Halo Battle Rifle (You/ Knexsuperbilderfreak)
>Druganov (Seleziona)
>UMP 45 V2 (TheDunkis)

Best Non-Gun
>Coin Sorter (Shadowman39)
>Alternator Ball Lift (Shadowman39)
>Binder (Hiyadudez)

I think you should have another category: Best Newcomer. There are a few contenders for this, like Icetank, and MegaMetal8.

1. Handle pump TR8 (Oodalumps)
2. SL8 (senior waffleman)
3. Coin sorter (shadowman39)

Thanks, first time i seem to be recognised, lol, im not as great as other knexers, but some guns i make are kinda cool :D

You can vote for 3 in each category...

If you don't want to vote for the other categories, that is fine. Labyrinth looks amazing.

I'd have to say:
Overall gun:
Dragunov (Seleziona)
FMG-9 (TheDunkis' variant)
Handle pump TR (Oodalumps)
Dragunov (Seleziona)
Can't think of any others in here
Best non-gun:
Can't think of any

My Votes:

Best overall Knex gun:
- Handle pump TR (Oodalumps)
- Swagboss (Zak/Bakenbitz)
- Knetic's Semi-auto (Kinetic)

Best replica:
- Bolt-action FN2000 (Knexguy)
- SL8 (Senior Waffleman)
- Dragonuv (Seleziona)

Best non-gun:
- Knex binder (Hiyadudez)
- Knex hole puncher (Shadowman 39/Hiyadudez)
- Cataclysm Ball Machine (Shadowman39)