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Best option to connect Bluetooth to an old radio tape recorder? Answered

Hi, I have an old Sanyo radio tape recorder which I'm considering canibalizing to create a Bluetooth stereo speaker. I've seen instructables on how to build those from scratch but since those nice people at Sanyo took the time to build a sound device all that time ago, I can't see why I would disrespect them by dumping their product into the recycling bin without using as much of it as I can. I was looking at the poor thing's innards and it is obvious that there are a lot of possible sound inputs I could use to connect the Bluetooth module to. There is the recording head, the reading head, the radio and left and right sockets for a microphone. Taking into account that the Bluetooth receiver will need some kind of amplification, which of these options would be the best? also, can anyone tell me which of the magnetic heads in the last pics are the recording and which is the reading ones?




If it has mic inputs then go through there. No amplification is needed for the Bluetooth adapter going through the mic input. Or if you want to hack this in through the cassette then you could proabbly hide the adapter in the case of a cassette adapter and run it through the read head.

Hi M,

Thank you for your inputs. I realize the pics I tried to attach to my question didn't go through for some reason. I don't have a "red head". Would you mind taking a look at the attached pic and point it out for me?




The read head. It's the silver one near your thumb. You can get a tape adapter and open it up. Cut the read head from the recorder off and the record head from the adapter off and match the wires together.

Thanks. I'll compare the mic and red head connections to select the easiest option.